Two Busy Days

9 07 2009

Two more days, with plenty going on in-game. Wednesday started off alright; logged on, smashed the Alliance on an offensive Wintergrasp (surprise surprise),  so we decided to join a 25-man Vault. Everybody was geared, had the achieve; there was at least one of every class, but no more than 4, and people knew what they were doing. We took out Emalon on the second try after switching the tanks around, and headed onto Arch. After downing him, lo and behold, the Grand Black War Mammoth dropped. Needless to say, everybody in the raid was pretty pumped for their shot at the mount.

Needless to say, the raid leader ninja’d it.

Yep, another Mammoth, another ninja; I can’t say I was too surprised, although I was pretty disgusted. I can see why the guy did what he did, but still… man. Not cool. I ended up organizing a run through 10-vault afterwards, where a couple pieces of hunter gear dropped; we didn’t have any hunters, so that was a bit of a letdown too. After leaving that raid, I saw a trade-chat spam from an in-game friend for Karazhan. Since I hadn’t run it before, I decided to give it a shot. We cruised through most of the instance for about 1-2 hours, until, hey, my friend (who was the MT) decided it would be a cool time to eat dinner. Because of that, the raid fell apart with us close to Medivh, although I’d say now that it was par for the course that day. I ended up logging, then heading on later that night and doing some BGs and 2v2 arenas before going to sleep.

Today was actually a pretty decent day in and out of the game, especially coming off the GBWM ninja. I did my Argent dailies (7 days until my Mulgore Hatchling!) during the day, logged off and checked out Public Enemies in the evening with a few friends. It ended up being a pretty good movie, a bit short on action and heavy on building up Johnny Depp’s character. After the movie, I logged on for some more late night pvp; only tonight, I decided I would take a good look at my PVP spec to see what I could change. After a whopping 45 minutes of throwing ideas around with my partner and a guildie, I set up my new talents and gave it a shot. My team (Ele Shaman/Disc Priest) still has insane amounts of trouble killing druids and other priests, but I like where we’re headed. Fire Nova Totem is awesome for PvP; I only wish I’d started using it earlier.




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