Another Day, Another Raid

10 07 2009

Today was our guild’s raid night, and, for the first time in a week or two, we managed to get enough people to fill every slot. We started off extremely well, narrowly taking out Flame Leviathon with two towers up for the first time (we had one siege engine left, with 25k health), snagging one of our blacksmiths a nice new recipe along the way. Afterwards, we one-shotted Razorscale, XT, Kologarn, and Auriaya, and two-shotted Iron Council after some bad luck took out our tank on the first attempt. After that, well… things got dicey. It took us at least 5 attempts to down Thorim, simply because the dps in the main room were pulling off the tank, and being killed in a few seconds. Everybody got their game under control, though, and we managed to down Thorim, only to head to Freya and wipe again, a few times on bad trash pulls, and a few times on Freya herself, before calling the raid for the night. Overall, it definitely wasn’t one of our better raids, since we managed to get a tier boss down. I’m still confused as to why we’re unable to get all the way to Mimiron in a night (we were a month ago), but we’re heading in the right direction.




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