Doin’ Dailies,

12 07 2009

Nothing really crazy or exciting to report about today. Started off by logging on just as a defensive WG was starting. I joined a raid with two people in it, decided to stick with it, and got about 15-20 people by the time the battle had begun. Unfortunately, people still fail to grasp the importance of a) taking workshops and b) killing the towers. We got steamrolled without a single tower going down… not one of the better attempts I’d seen. Afterwards, I swung by Icecrown, got my Argent Dailies done, and logged off for a few hours. I ended up wrapping up my day by grinding/questing a level on Toreck, and, with the help of a guildie, getting an additional level from Scarlet Monastery, bringing my Warrior up to 25. Only five levels until I can finally get a mount and end the awfulness that is running places…and thank God I’m out of the Barrens at long, long last.




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