PVP and Old World Raiding

14 07 2009

The last few days have been pvp-tastic for me. As it stands, I’ve managed to win my 100th 2v2 arena match. Does it matter that it took me about 200 matches to do so? Not at all. The Ele Shaman/Disc Priest team is still going strong, we’ve managed to kill a couple tree druids and we’ve finally hit 1300, enough for our first pieces of Deadly gear. This doesn’t, however, change the fact that I look like a turtle. Not cool.

As far as BGs and WGs goes, I’m still queing up, trying to accrue enough honor for another piece of PVP gear. WG is same-old, same-old; defenders continue to lose each time, regardless of whether they’re Horde or Alliance. After coming out of the Arena, though, and fighting people that haven’t even heard of PVP gear… man. I was cutting through the Allies like a hot knife through butter.

I also managed to join a raid for Onyxia on Sunday, which was pretty underwhelming. The idea that it was end-game content and that it would’ve taken forty level 60s to down is, for me, absolutely mind-boggling. As it is, myself and another healer basically dragged a few 60s and 70s through it; when the big guy did some sort of mass AOE-fire damage, everybody under 80 died. Even my health was down to about half, but our healer cast a few spells and we finished it up, no problem. It was a nice fight to experience, but “tank and spank” is the perfect way to describe that one. The game’s come a long, long way in a few years.




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