I Believe in Kel’Thuzad

15 07 2009

You get a point if you got the Dark Knight reference. When I logged on today, a couple of guildies were in two different Naxx 25 raids, both good. One was on KT, and asked if I’d come to DPS for the fight. I accepted quickly, and I’m glad I did; we one-shotted KT, no problems whatsoever, and I’m pleased to report that I’m now the proud owner of the Torch of Holy Fire. With a fresh +63 spellpower enchant on it (my old weapon, Wraith Strike, only had the +50), I’ve got about a 70 point SP boost, with a bit more intellect to boot. All I had to sacrifice was half a percent of crit. Translation? I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s raid even more; this is gonna put me one step closer to topping charts.

After I got my stuff enchanted, myself and a few others decided to farm some honor, and promptly dominated an Arathi, Gulch, and Eye of the Storm. We 4-capped Storm almost effortlessly. After the BG bonanza, we turned to an offensive Wintergrasp, which we promptly won as well, before I decided it was time to log off.

It was a good day in Azeroth.




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