State of the (Elemental) Shaman

15 07 2009

I think it’s about time I threw out my thoughts on the state of the (Elemental) Shaman as I see it right now, and what I see happening in the future for the class.

Right now, I look at the class and see it as a middle-upper DPS. My DPS suffered at the start of Ulduar, mostly because of the large amounts of movement in almost every fight, and my admittedly sparse knowledge of the fights. A couple months into Ulduar and these problems have dissapeared, since I know the fights, and I can pull my own weight in every fight. Now, though, I see a new crop of problems: although I know the fights, and I can get through each of them without a problem, caster mail is sparse at best. I’ve gotten four pieces of gear from Ulduar so far: a helm, necklace, trinket, and shield. The only thing there with an armor class was the helm. Otherwise, (besides the tier pieces) there really isn’t anything for me to upgrade from. Granted, I’m in Naxx25 gear, but it’s a sad day when every piece of caster mail has MP5 on it. I feel like I’ll essentially be skipping on getting gear from Ulduar, and praying that 3.2 brings better tidings.

The next patch looks like it’ll bring a few welcome changes for the class. The new totem bar doesn’t really interest me since I use Bartender, so all of my important totems are already at my fingertips. The important thing, for me, is going to be the ability to place down four totems at once. Finally. I won’t need to waste a few seconds of each fight throwing down totems while every other DPS class has already started their rotation in PvE, or while people are fighting and dying around me in PvP. The only thing I can hope for in 3.2 is that the gear situation improves; I’d really, really like to drop some of my Naxx25 gear next patch in the new raid. All I can hope is that my hopes come true.




One response

15 07 2009

I agree. 4 totems at once took way too long. Everyone wanted it. Even people who didn’t/don’t play Shamans. It’s not like Shamans were overpowered in DPS or anything, so why hurt them even more?

I also hear a lot of Shamans complaining that their gear makes it difficult for them to get hit-capped…but I have to say I’m a bit jealous that a lot of your gera stacks both crit AND haste…as a mage I would *love* that.

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