A Good Raid Night

17 07 2009

My guild ventured into Ulduar once again, and I’m pleased to report that we did way better than last week. We managed to one-shot Flame Leviathon with two towers up, and then follow that up with another one-shot of Razorscale. My trinket didn’t drop (again), but I had no complaints as we strove on towards XT. After deciding to two-heal so we had enough DPS to enter hard mode, we started the fight. On a positive note, we managed to sever the heart and activate hard mode for the first time.

On a more negative note, this was bad because we only had two healers, and no one had any idea what the changes were in hard mode. We wiped in under 30 seconds as some sort of spark thing started taking out raid health fast, and mass pandemonium ensued as everybody was taken out.

We went back to normal mode and one-shotted XT, then moved on to Iron Council. We managed to one-shot the boss again, but things didn’t quite go according to plan. We took out Steelbreaker with no problems, but our OT died while Molgeim still had around 100k health left. We lost 3 dps as a druid went into bear form to pick him up and we proceeded to burn him down; however, the druid was taken out soon afterwords by Brundir. As we went into the final phase, we had myself and a rogue left for DPS, our MT, and all 3 of the healers. The rogue died in an overlord soon into the fight, leaving yours truly as the only DPS. As we went through the fight, we lost one of the healers to Brundir’s lightning tendrils, leaving us with only four members still alive.

As I continued to DPS, the enrage timer began to become an actual concern; it was going to be close. We had been fighting so long that I was able to use Bloodlust a second time as we continued to attack Brundir, and I flirted with going oom more times than I want to count, saving myself only because of timely thunderstorms and a mana potion as I cut Chain Lightning out of my rotation. We finally closed it out after 14.5 minutes of fighting. We one-shotted Kologarn and Auriaya, before moving on and two-shotting Thorim. My tier didn’t drop; it looks like my chance at exploding-rock shoulders will have to wait until next week. We ended up going back to my least-favorite fight in the instance, Ignis, before calling it for the night at around 1:30AM mostly because I had to be up at around 6:00 in the morning, leaving around 4 hours for sleep. I’m hoping I get to down Mimiron this week with the rest of the guild; we managed to take him out last week after a month of trying, and I wasn’t able to make it to the fight.

To close it up, it was an awesome raid. I switched around a couple talent points, adopted a priority dps rotation, and of course, got a nice boost from the Torch of Holy fire. All of that contributed to me hitting top damage on several fights, with a solid second place dps on a few others. All of this has me more psyched than ever for progression night and future Ulduars.




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