Raiding, Rejection, Redemption

21 07 2009

A ton has happened in Azeroth over the last few days. To start off with, on Friday I finally got enough Champion’s Seals for my very own Mulgore Hatchling. It’s probably my favorite companion pet so far; the fact that runs away periodically is a cool little touch. I’ve started saving towards the Thunder Bluff Kodo, which will be followed by the tabbard. Life’s gonna be TBluff-tastic very shortly. On a blog-related note, this is the first post with pictures. Very cool.

Taking a break with my new Hatchling in Wintergrasp! Still need a name.

Taking a break with my new Hatchling in Wintergrasp! Still need a name.

Friday also saw me doing a bit of pvp and alt-levelling, along with a run through Sunken Temple for a guildie. Once I finished my Argent Dailies, I logged on and levelled Toreck to 26. For me, grinding through the same content from vanilla WoW again is excruiating, made even worse by the fact that I don’t have Ghost Wolf to speed things up. I logged off of Toreck after I’d stood all I could bear (30 minutes) and joined up into an offensive Wintergrasp, which we won promptly. After capping WG, I decided to step up and lead a 25-man Vault. We 3-shotted Emalon before moving on and one-shotting Arch; keeping tanks alive is tough when healers don’t use HoTs at the start, and disconnect in the middle of the fight. After the VoA 25, I led a 10 man with a few former raid members and a few guildies, and we managed a similar feat. Unfortunately, the only gear that dropped for me was a PvP ring from the 25-man,which I didn’t get after I rolled poorly. Lame. Positive note, I was told by one of the pugs that I “lead a good raid,” so that’s tight. After both Vaults, I ran a guildie through the poorly designed Sunken Temple, where I managed to get lost several times, and die once after I dropped into the basement’s knee-deep water. Not cool. After logging for several hours, I finished the day up with some BGs and 2s. Friday was, all in all, good.

Saturday was another solid day, after doing some dailies, I was hanging out in Dalaran deciding what to do next when I saw that an Ulduar 25 raid, on Vezax, needed one more DPS. Problem solved. I joined up promptly, and soon afterwards, another member left and I was able to bring a guildie. My computer hit about 3 frames per second, making it almost impossible to dodge the Shadow Crashes, but in spite of that I managed to do alright after a few tries, and we were able to bring him down. Then came Yogg. and, well, yikes. If my computer had been choking on Vezax, it had its heart pulled out on this fight. We went to phase 2 on our first two tries, and got to phase 3 before hitting the enrage on our third attempt. Then… I got kicked. Yep, my DPS wasn’t cutting it, so I was taken out in favor of the raid leader’s guildie. I can’t say I really blame him, I was only hitting 3k while getting around 2FPS on the fight. It’s annoying when my DPS drops in 25 mans, despite all the extra buffs, because my computer can’t handle the extra graphical strain. That annoyance was nothing to what came 10 minutes later when the guildie I got into the raid downed Yogg on their next attempt, and gloated for the next 30 minutes. “Tasteless” would be a good descriptor. I closed out the day with a few Alterac Vallies for some sweet weekend honor (2k per battle!), along with a few rounds of 2s in the arena.

Finally, on Sunday, we had progression night. We picked up where we left off on Wednesday, one-shotting Freya and Hodir… where, lo and behold, my leggings dropped and my friend was kind enough to pass to me. So yes, I’m now in possession of a Valorous Worldbreaker Kilt, allowing me, at long last, to get my T8 two-piece bonus. It won’t be a huge boost in DPS, but every little bit helps, and the extra hit on the leggings have allowed me to re-gem for even more SP. Between that and the extra crit and SP on the gear itself, I’m hoping to see a nice increase in damage. Moving on, we two-shotted Mimiron, one of my favorite fights, and then moved on to General Vezax. After wading through the steaming pile of lag that was Vezax 25-man, this was a pleasant change in the right direction; I avoided 90% of the Crashes coming at me, and did some very nice damage. Even more pleasant: we downed him after only a few tries, making progression night great. Immediately afterwards, we moved onto Yogg… and somebody ran in the room, starting the fight. Our attempts to flee were thwarted, as we were warped back in, where we bruised the adds fists with our faces. Our next two attempts that night were also poor, as our main tank got caught in clouds each fight trying to bring the adds to Sara. Bad. With that, we called the raid, and I cashed in my tier token. I’m wearing pants, not a dress, for the first time in four months. It looks really, really weird. The tabbard makes things better, though, and I don’t think it’ll take me too long to get used to.

Lookin good in my new Tier 8

Lookin' good in my new Tier 8




2 responses

23 07 2009

Wouldn’t it be awesome if one day casters didn’t have to run around in dresses and skirts?

1 08 2009

I’m not sure, actually. As a caster, I almost feel out of place when I’m not wearing a dress or skirt. The tabbard helps, though.

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