When PuGs Fail

24 07 2009

It was one of those nights.

Logged on whilst on vacation, saw that Wintergrasp was going on, I entered, we won, and I started up a VoA 25 raid, as usual. People joined up, as usual. I kicked a couple kids that weren’t geared, as usual. We took out the trash, as usual. Then the MT pulled Emalon, and “usual” went out the window.

In hindsight, a lot of stuff wasn’t right with the raid; things weren’t optimal, to say the least, although PuGs rarely are. We had five heals and two tanks, the average number, but the MT decided to pull trash when nobody was looking. He didn’t get heals, died, the add took out a third of our DPS, and we wiped when he blew up. It happens once in a while, so I wasn’t worried. When the MT pulled Emalon into the back of the room, and a third of our DPS bunched up and died from a chain lightning, well…. not so good. That brought us to two wipes. After re-organizing the healers, explaining the oh-so-tough concept of tanking the adds on the left, Emalon on the right, and buffing up, I thought we were good to go. I was, of course, wrong yet again. The MT pulled to the back of the room again, only this time, the DPS spread out, so it didn’t matter. This time, the heals didn’t show up to play, and the MT died, wiping us a third time. At this point, the PuG mentality took over. A healer left, then a DPS. Then another, and another. Then both tanks. Then almost everybody else, and the raid was over in under a minute.

I tried to salvage it by keeping those who wanted to VoA 10 as everybody else left. Unfortunately, the utter lack of healers and tanks late at night cut this attempt short too, as the raid never even got off the ground. After ten minutes of searching, on the heals that had stayed left, followed by a DPS. I decided to call it myself, since it was obvious that it was going nowhere. It saddens me, too, because PuGs usually work out, especially on something as easy as Vault. This wasn’t one of those times. This was one of those nights.




One response

24 07 2009

Yeah, those nights are the worst…just overall frustrating, especially when you realize you just wasted a couple of hours of your life over a bunch of idiots.

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