Back in Action

1 08 2009

I got back from vacation a few days ago, and it’s good to be back home. And, in WoW, quite a bit has happened. First and foremost, I got back on track with my dailies; no surprise there. With 51 Champion’s Seals, I only need another 10 days of questing, or 9 if I get lucky. Yesterday, however, some interesting stuff happened as I flew back to Dalaran when my dailies were finished. As I hit Dalaran airspace, I got the standard “get off of your mount or it’s parachute time” message. At this point, I realized I’d been flying upwards, so I was a few thousand feet above the city, and I began descending straight down. The 10 second timer ticked away, and I still wasn’t even in sight range of Dalaran. At this point, I got dismounted, my parachute opened, and I began floating down.

Well, not so much down as forward. Which became a real problem when I missed Dalaran entirely.

Failing out as I fall through the sky

Failing out as I fall through the sky

Yep, an entire city to shoot for, and I missed it, and, because I lack a good way to fall thousands of feet and not die, I got to enjoy a relaxing parachute ride down into Crystalsong Forest. Even better, my character’s feet weren’t moving at all; instead, I was falling to the ground with only my arms flailing, taking the fail to a new level, and I couldn’t help but laugh. After making it back to the D, I snagged the daily PvP quest and did a few BGs, logging off later. That fall, though, was the best part of the day.

The next day also ended up with me doing my dailies, before hopping into a few more BGs and a Wintergrasp. With the BGs, I’m fortunate enough to have a guildie who’d snagged a Grand Black War Mammoth from VoA. After getting lucky and getting into the same group, we loaded up with two Tauren passengers in Arathi Basin, and sprinted towards the lumber mill aided by our Crusader’s Aura. We went on to win as I punted people off of the cliff with Thunderstorm… that never gets old.

Entering the fray on a Grand Ice Mammoth

Entering the fray on a Grand Black War Mammoth

Which brings us to yesterday, and one of the closest WGs I’ve ever seen. With us defending as the Alliance made their assault, myself and a group of about ten other people began capturing the western workshop, before moving towards the south; standard Horde defense strategy. This time, though, there were Alliance waiting for us, and, when we finished killing them, we all had five kills. Catapult time. Their western tower went down five minutes into the game as we massed catapults, before moving onward to the middle, which fell soon afterwards. We then captured the Eastpark workshop, killed the third and final tower, and went north, destroying their Eastern workshop. At this point, we all rushed back to defend, as they only had four vehicles left… but it was too late. While we’d been out capping workshops and destroying towers, the Alliance had managed to break through, and those four vehicles managed to win the day. If we’d only had about twenty more people on our side, we probably would’ve been able to win. As it was, we left in defeat, and I proceeded to do some 3s later in the evening before logging.

To close it out, vacation was good, but it’s good to be back to see my friends both in RL and in Azeroth. Looking forward to Ulduar this Sunday; with any luck, that damn trinket will (finally) drop from Razorscale, and I might even pick up some new T8.




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