My Thoughts on Tier 9

2 08 2009

I’ve been reading’s articles about the upcoming Tier gear in 3.2, and “mixed bag” seems to be the perfect catchphrase to describe the new faction-specific sets. I think it’s really cool that the Horde and Alliance will be getting their own styles; giving a cohesive look across each faction will be a nice change, and highlights the divide that both have suffered recently. On the whole, I like the Horde’s styles better than the Alliance’s flavor; spikes and fur beat corsets and boat shoulders any day of the week. As far as the Shaman set goes, though, I’m less impressed. Here’s what I get to look forward to:

Blizzard's preview of Shaman T9. Meh.

Because I share an armor class with hunters, I understand the need for pants; someone wielding a gun would look like a dork if he was wearing a dress. It’s just that, while wearing pants is nice, it doesn’t really fit well with me since I’m a caster. I’m supposed to wear a dress or a skirt or a kilt or whatever. The shoulders are also underwhelming, especially coming off of the awesome exploding-rock style of T8, and even the glowing orb of T7. The helm is okay, as are the boots, chest and hands.And while I can’t complain too loudly since the new tier does look pretty cool… It’s not really (ie T8) cool.




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