3.2 Drops Today!

4 08 2009

Well, that was fast. WoW.com had mentioned, out of the blue, that the patch could be dropping either this Tuesday or the next. Guess it’s today. 3.2’s going to bring with it a laundry list of new changes… the biggest for me will be the simultaneous totem dropping feature, and the removal of Emblems of Heroism and Valor, along with making Emblems of Conquest much, much easier to get. However, a cool thing I hadn’t noticed until now: tokens for gear are now just class specific, instead of being class and armor specific. This means you can trade them in for whatever piece you want, instead of being forced to use them on legs, shoulders, etc. This means, (assuming I can get my T8 shoulders) that I won’t have to go to the new ones for a long time. Awesome.




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