BGs, Progression, Frustration

4 08 2009

In the last three days… wow. Lots of WoW.

Saturday was PvP-tastic. After finishing my Argent dailies, myself and a few other guildies decided to go for the Warsong Gulch PvP daily. Bad, bad, bad choice. We were fighting one of the most intense battles I’ve ever seen, capping the first flag with relative ease, only to hit a brick wall when the Alliance got their act together and came back 2-1. I ran back a flag with cover from our healers and a few DPS to make it 2-2. The battle continued on for another twenty minutes, until the Alliance killed our carrier, and got the final cap. The battle lasted for an hour. I didn’t know it at the time, but we were about to fight three more WSGs that night, and none would be any shorter. And we weren’t going to win any of them. In between the WSGs, I started up a VoA 25 and VoA 10 raid, which, after a few wipes, managed to take Emalon down. It didn’t help that every time we were ready to start, somebody either had to leave or dc’d. Why people join raids when they have to leave before they can down a boss, I’ll never know.

Sunday was our weekly raid night, and it was definitely one of our better ones. We ended up taking nine of our core raiders, and a new guildie who had just been to Naxx25 for the first time the day prior. Since we can typically nine-man most of the raid anyways, nobody really had a problem with it, and we all agreed she could use the gear. We did FL with two towers up, as usual, and wiped miserably on our first attempt. My demolisher driver hadn’t tried the vehicle before, and didn’t quite understand the concept of flinging me onto the FL to destroy the turrets, and our newbie didn’t know what was going on. Second time around, though, was much better; my driver understood his role, and we took out FL with ease, and most vehicles at over 50% health. Razorscale was a one-shot with my trinket a no-show again, and we actually managed to pick up an achievement on XT after killing him in under 205 sec after some great DPS. We moved on, skipping Iron Council and one-shotting Kologarn before two-shotting Auriaya. Hodir was also a two-shot, after we explained the flash freeze concept to our new guildie, before we moved on to one-shot Thorim and Freya; my shoulders didn’t drop (again). Unfortunately, that’s where our success for the night ended. Although we got to phase four of Mimiron every time, we could never finish the deed. Overall, it was a great raid night.

Monday brought a progression night raid one day later, which I was unable to make. When I logged on afterwards, I found out my guild had been forced to pug out a healer and a hunter due to lack of attendance; they’d downed Mimiron, but Vezax stayed up. After getting my dailies done, I saw that a Naxx25 cleanup for Thaddius, saph and KT was forming up, so I decided to join.

I really, really wish I hadn’t.

This is where the “frustration” part of the title is. The raid filled up at around 1:30AM… we didn’t even touch Thaddius until almost 2:15. I have never, ever seen a guild move this slowly. Of course, one our first attempt, people were unable to discern left from right, and we wiped quickly. Typically, when this happens, a guild (well, my guild at least) just forms back up, gets to the boss, and tries it again. Five minutes tops, unless people are being moved around. This took an excruciating fifteen minutes…. we tried, and wiped again. Fifteen minutes later, we were ready for a third try. We pulled and, thank God, we took him out with only two deaths. Moving on to Saph after another fifteen minute wait (see a trend forming?), we incredibly managed to one-shot him, then headed on to KT. This is where the fun started. Fifteen minutes of waiting, we start, things go well until phase 3, people are dumb, we wipe. Only ten minutes of waiting this time; and yet, the same thing happens. This happens four times, and it’s on the fourth time, when we get him to around 700k before dying, that it gets personal. In the last thirty seconds of the fight, with the MT already dead, a couple of people get MC’d. I move forward to hex one of them, get too close to a healer; we both get ice blocked, and we die. No big deal, since everybody was dead within the next ten seconds. Wrong.

As soon as this happens, I get hit by about ten tell-macros from the healer that got iceblocked telling me I’m an idiot. I reply that it didn’t matter anyways, he tells me that I don’t know what I’m doing. I repeat myself, apologizing; he continues to tell me I don’t know how to play my class. Big words, considering that I’m in second place behind a rogue for DPS and my totems are buffing his stats. After three hours of terribleness, I basically tell him to fuck off, and we each let loose with several tells worth of cuss words and anger. There’s silence for about two minutes until a different healer tells me that I caused the wipe and killed another healer three minutes into the fight. I apologize to this new guy, and tell him he’s got the wrong shaman… he doesn’t care, and we exchange barbed remarks for a couple minutes until the fight starts. Incredibly, on our fifth try, I dc twice… and we kill KT. My shield drops. I roll a 22. Failure. It’s at this point that the second healer, who’d accused me of iceblocking someone, sent me a tell that basically mocked me for not getting loot, and for doing poor DPS.

I dc’d twice in the final fight, and pulled 3.3k, and it was good enough for second place damage done, to give an idea of how talented our raid was. Honestly, I don’t care too much about loot… I pass to other guildies, wait my turn for tier, and if I lose a roll, there’s always next week. This, though… this was tasteless. I reply that I dc’d twice, didn’t care about losing the shield too much (I’ve got the Ulduar 10 shield anyways). She replies that I’m obviously annoyed by the lack of loot. I reply I’m annoyed that I’m still getting tells. She tells me that the shield went to a guildie enhancement Shaman. I reply that I had a poor roll, that it wasn’t going to me regardless, and that she shouldn’t tell me how to play my class. She replies that she has an enh Shaman that does 5k DPS. I return that I don’t care, and that it’s a game.

And, my favorite reply (and how I assume she’s a girl or, possibly, a gay dude)): It’s a game that I’m bad at, I caused our wipe, and because of that, no sex with her boyfriend, since he went to sleep. She logged afterwards.

Well, at this point, I decided to be the bigger man. I apologized for the iceblock I didn’t commit with a tell in the mail, and went to sleep. After all, there’s always next week.

Oh, and I decided to name my Mulgore Hatchling Ruber. Only took a week or two to figure out a name!




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