First Impressions of 3.2

6 08 2009

Patch day on Executus was like any other: the server was “up” as long as waiting five minutes in between actions sounds appealing. It wasn’t to me, so the real playtime I put into the patch came yesterday, post-Ulduar. Yep, we decided to wait on Trial of the Crusader and headed back for another week of raiding. Things started off poorly at best; heading into FL with two towers down, we managed to bug the fight so that we were actually fighting with the equivalent of one tower down. We came through after four wipes, moved onto Razorscale for a one-shot (no trinket again), and then moved on to XT. What Blizzard didn’t mention in the patch notes was that they tweaked this fight. We usually tank XT on the very left, with adds only spawning on the right… ranged DPS can just AOE them down easily. This time, adds spawned on the left, with about three times more bomb bots than usual in the mix, leading to an almost insta-wipe. So, it was back to killing XT in the center, as ranged DPS struggled to bring down the bombs coming from all sides. We managed a two-shot. Kologarn and Auriaya were one shots, before we backtracked to Ignis, taking him out without trouble as well. We went back to kill Thorim… and, fun times: guild drama. After our Paladin tank got his third tier for his 4-piece set bonus (he got lucky in Vault) a healing pally, who’d gotten the same number of tier, flips out. The same healing pally stopped healing the tank afterwards, and after frustration on Freya trash, we called the raid.

Which brings me, finally, to 3.2. I started doing the Argent dailies, both new and old, and wow… really, really annoying now. There’s a single daily in Storm Peaks, aka “the exact opposite direction of where I need to go.” The Battle Before the Citadel quest has been made infinitely more annoying, since it’s tough to kill three commanders when their respawn timer is five minutes each. Freeing some Crusaders meant killing Cultists for the keys to the cages (annoying, and alliterative!). Follow this up with me flying into an island off the coast and killing ten more of the Vykrul, and every day is going to be daily-tastic now. At least the money’s good.

Afterwards, I tried out the new 5-man heroic with some guildies, and was pleasantly surprised by how fun it was. Jousting is still jousting, whatever, but the fight afterwards was good, as was Paltress’ boss memories. As for the Black Knight… ouch. I don’t think it gets much easier than that. I almost feel a bit bad for the guy, he just gets crushed whenever he tries to help out his boss. As for the loot, extra Champion’s Seals are always nice, and although nothing dropped for me it was cool to see 25 Naxx gear dropping  from something so simplistic. I might finally be able to replace my rings and trinket if I get lucky.

As for the Shaman changes, they’re actually really nice. Making Wind Shock not worthless by renaming it and putting it on a seperate cooldown is great, and the new totem bar, as well as the ability to throw 4 totems at once… lots of awesome right there. A few rounds of 2s demonstrated that Druids have been nerfed a bit in their healing, and that Wind Shear’s interrupting abilities are a huge plus. I’m going to be trying out the new BG today; hopefully it’ll be just as cool as everything else so far.




One response

6 08 2009

The XT fight has actually been bugged for a while now. I went into Uld a couple weeks ago and had the same thing happen to me…it was a steady stream of Bombbots etc. just running out. I didn’t understand what was going on, because we wiped the first time as our DK accidentally switched to blood presence and didn’t notice, but the second time we were just overwhelemed with adds. It was neither fair nor fun. Lightfury had the same problem…

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