3.2 Four Days In

9 08 2009

More like three, since Tuesday was a joke, but whatever. So far, I’d say 3.2 is shaping up to be a great patch. The new Argent Dailies took some getting used to, but I’ve settled into them nicely, and, notably, discovered that the Commanders are spread around, and a few are even mobile; in other words, I won’t need to sit and camp one spot, praying for one to spawn. The ones in Icecrown are still out of the way, but other than that, everything else is good with the Argents. And, speaking of the Argents, I really do like the new Heroic. The start is pretty longwinded, but the jousting is kinda fun when you’re doing it with friends, and killing the Champions after they dismount is tight. Follow that with memories of the past, and the still-laughably-easy Black Knight phase, and Naxx25 level gear, and I’m a happy guy.

On the subject of heroics, two things come to mind: first, making Emblems of Conquest easy to get is awesome! Second, making Emblems of Conquest easy to get is really lame. After running a bunch of Heroics over the last few days, I’ve snagged my Conqueror’s chest, and I’m over halfway towards my helm, which will complete my 4-piece bonus. This is cool, yeah, but at the same time it means that players who can’t do half my DPS will be able to get the same types of gear that would’ve been out of reach of 90% of the game’s populace only a week ago. On a more stat-oriented note, courtesy of the loads of hit on this gear, I’m way, way over hit cap now. This isn’t helping me a ton, considering I got a great cape, Kurisu’s Indecision, from one of my H ToC runs. It’s sitting in my bank, unused for the moment, waiting for a day when I inexplicably am under the hit cap again. A week ago, that cape would’ve been amazing, and now… not so much. Funny how quickly things can change.

As for the other happenings in Azeroth, there’s been PvP, Emblem grinding, and heroic Achievements for that elusive red proto drake. As far as PvP goes, I’ve finally accumulated enough emblems from all the BGs I’ve been doing to get my Black War Raptor. I was also pretty pumped after an Alterac Valley where I managed to snag the Alterac Valley All Star achievement (even if we did lose in the end). And with Alterac Valley… wow. They made the bracket different, from 70-79, to 70-80. In other words, there are low level 70s running around AV. Can you say “two-shot?” Because I was spending time in AV, I ended up not checking out the new BG…. I’ll try it eventually, I guess. As far as Arenas went, I managed to get a few 2s battles in, along with a bunch of 3s with my Ele Sham/Disc Priest/Fury Warrior combo. Almost at 1300 for 3s, and 1350 for 2s. Not bad at all. Wintergrasp, for me personally, has changed for the better. Even though there are way less people in the battle overall, the people that are there seem to have an idea of what they’re doing; enough that we managed to defeat the Alliance on defense before they even breached a single wall. “Crushing” would a be good word to describe our victory.

The very cool Black War Raptor

The very cool Black War Raptor




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