Isle Of Conquest Is Not A Fun Fest

11 08 2009

Yesterday I finally got around to playing Isle of Conquest , which I had really high hopes for. They should’ve named the BG “Hanger of Conquest” or “Isle of Hangar.” Since, that’s really what it boiled down to in four of the five battles I fought. Here’s how it went those four times:

  • Start off at gate. Anticipation of the fun times ahead. All Paladins present have never heard of Crusader’s Aura.
  • The game starts! Myself and ten other Horde rush towards the Hangar. The rest of us go for the workshop and docks. Some poor soul goes to cap the refinery.
  • Uh oh. We meet the entire Alliance team at Hangar. Death follows soon after.
  • The Alliance airship takes off with their entire team aboard. Myself and a few others defend the keep while our vehicle crews begin their hour-long quest to batter down each gate at the same time.
  • The Alliance drop into the keep, and we lie down quietly as their team kills the two people defending and camps the graveyard, before running into the keep and killing our CO. Our offense sits in front of their gate, twiddling their thumbs. Crushing disappointment.

The only exception to this was when the Allies took the Hangar, only this time, about two thirds of our team defended. Myself and a few others eventually went on offense, charging the keep and 3-manning the final boss for a longwinded victory. Me personally? I’ll stick to the old BGs, thanks. Outside of the PvP, the only other thing I did was a few heroics to get my closer to my T8.5 helm. Soon, soon…




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