My Week in WoW, Part 1

21 08 2009

Due to RL and my own laziness, I neglected to post for this past week; I’m going to remedy that right now. Here’s what happened in the first half of this past week in WoW (as best as I can remember):

Wednesday– Prior to our usual Wednesday night raid time, I picked up my T8.5 helm. One word: awesome. With my new 4-piece set bonus I got an extra 3% dps boost, which means an extra 100+ dps on every boss fight in Ulduar. We were continuing our progression and we decided to use the new raid extension feature, which worked like a charm. We downed Freya, Hodir, Mim and Vezax, no trouble, and then we ran into Yogg himself.


We’re having trouble striking the right balance between doing too little damage to the adds, making it tough for the tanks to detonate them beside Sara, and doing too much, meaning they never get there in the first place. Once again, we haven’t made it through phase one, although by the end of the night we were getting close. It makes me wonder, though: just how crazy is Algalon?

Thursday: A day that reminded me why I love being a Shaman so much. This moment came during a run through H UP, during what started off as a routine trash pull against a red drake and his handler. Towards the end, our healer got knocked back into a second group, and was two-shotted, and one of our DPS went down as well. As we finished up the first adds, the tank picked up the second group and popped a cooldown… the other DPS died, leaving me and the tank. At this point, I went oom, couldn’t heal the tank, and he died, leaving me with two adds. I used Thunderstorm to knock one back, and finished off the drake with a lava burst, leaving me and his handler squaring off, only I had about 3000 health and he had 60,000. I interrupted his throw attack, used Ice Shock to slow him down as he approached me, then threw on a lesser healing wave, taking me close to oom levels again. After throwing an Earthbind totem, I ran backwards, popped a mana potion, and did some dps before going behind a wall to line-of-sight him so his next throw wouldn’t hit. He continued forward, still slowed by the totem, as I finished him off, and rezzed our group. Awesome. The rest of the instance was uneventful, with no drake dropping, and we finished up without any further problems.

Friday– A relatively average day, except for one thing: the Spectral Kris dropped, and I managed to pick it up. I’m still trying to figure out if it’s actually better than my Torch of Holy Fire. Hopefully, I’ll be able to figure it out soon, since it’s got everything I want, only I’d be trading a bit of spellpower for crit.

Saturday- Alterac Valley-tastic, with Horde winning most of them. I also ran H UP again, hoping for the drake; no such luck. Otherwise, not much to report for the day.

This wraps of the first part of my week; although, with posting on multiple days and already being a couple days behind, maybe I should’ve titled this “A Week and a Half.”




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