My Week in WoW, Part 2

23 08 2009

Picking up where I left off, here’s what happened in the second half of my week.

Sunday– We stepped into ToC 10 as a guild for the first time, forgoing our Ulduar progression to try out the new raid. One word: easy. Like, really, really easy. Like Naxxramas easy. Like, this-is-a-joke-compared-to-Ulduar easy. But, even with the ease, it’s definitely still a lot of fun. The Beasts of Northrend encounter’s only slightly hard part came with not one, but two Jormungar worms, and the kiting/cleansing, giving us our only wipe of the night. And, incredibly, I got some new T9-style shoulders. Verdict: very cool.

Yeah, for all my griping about how lame T9 looked, I like it a lot, definitely more than T7. The blue flames coming off of the armor are a nice, subtle touch, and man… I look like I could be a tank. My faith in Blizzard has been restored. Now, about that helm…

The new, very-cool looking T9 style shoulder.

The new, very-cool looking T9 style shoulder.

After we breezed through ToC 10, we decided to try a Naxx10 undying run, agreeing to wipe if anybody died. We pulled a newbie guildie through the dance, healing her through as she missed every section, which was bad, because I got caught casting, didn’t get heals, and died. We wiped it up, but, an hour later when we killed KT and nothing happened, we found out it hadn’t mattered. Being the cause of the failure, after just over two ours of Naxx is a pretty terrible feeling. My guild was cool, nobody was too pissed because we’d all misunderstood how to get the achievement, but I was still kicking myself well into the next day.

Monday– Monday started off with PvP, before continuing with PvP. Oh, and I finished up with some PvP…. yep. That was Monday in a nutshell.

Tuesday– Tuesday brought some new loot, this time from vendors. With myself so far over the hit cap, I dropped on of my heroic level rings for the Band of Channeled Magic, a Naxx25 level ring, which is a 13 ilvl increase. The problem is that, while I gain some SP, I also got some spirit, aka “the most worthless thing in the world.” Looking back, probably should’ve checked out the ring with mp5 instead, but whatever. I won’t be keeping this thing for too long (I hope). I also grabbed the Thunderfall Totem with my Emblems of Conquest, finally upgrading my Totem of Hex. As for goings-on ingame, we defended Wintergrasp, and I did a few Valleys, winning one, losing two.

Wednesday– Wednesday was raid night, and we decided to continue gearing up, and restart it. Hey, no complaints for me, since I had a shot at getting my Eye of the Broodmother. But, since it hadn’t dropped in the last six weeks, I had a sinking feeling it would elude me, yet again.

I was wrong.

Yes, that’s right. Holy shit. I finally, finally, got the Eye, replacing that damn Sundial of the Exiled I bought when I hit 80, aka four months ago. And man, what a nice trinket it is; the extra 125 sp is active pretty much the entire fight, pushing my dps up even further, and keeping things much more consistent. As far as Ulduar went, we ended up trying, and failing, on Iron Council hard mode a few times this week, before moving on and down Kologarn, Auriaya, and Freya. I did the heroic daily afterwards, putting me two Emblems shy of another new totem.

Thursday– Did the heroic daily, got my ilvl 245 Totem of Electrifying Wind. It’s very, very nice; that extra 200 haste is procced almost constantly when I’m casting, and adds a ton of zip, bringing down cast times by a few tenths of a second. It doesn’t sound like a lot, yeah, but it adds up quickly. It can be useful in BGs, which I tried, too… not so much in arenas.

Looking back, it was a week jam-packed with new stuff alongside some familiar sameness. I managed to get my Thunder Bluff Tabard, meaning I’ve got the complete set of banner, hatchling, kodo, tabbard, and yes, even the doublet. I like to think that I was the first person on the server to get it all, but who knows. Also of note this week, I finally got my Jewelcrafting to the point where I can cut Dragon’s Eyes, meaning I’ve gotten a nice 60 sp boost from my new gems, with more to come as I get more recipes. The dailies for it are annoying, but whatever. And speaking of dailies, I’ve pretty much stopped doing my Argent ones… with all the T Bluff stuff I got, I’m daily’d out for awhile. I figure I’ll start doing them again after a short break. I got more gear this week than I have in a long, long time, pushing my average gear level up to 220. But even with all of the new stuff, there are a few familiar things; I still pvp almost every day, and I’m still trying to get my heroic achievements done.

And the Alliance still couldn’t take Wintergrasp if their lives depended on it.

T Bluffs got the Right Stuff

T Bluff's got the Right Stuff




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