25 08 2009

In the last four days I’ve been doing a lot of heroics, and 2s; not so much on the raiding, since I wasn’t able to make it to my guild’s Sunday raid; I’m told that we went through Ulduar up to Yogg again, so that’s good. In the meantime, though, the last few days have been achievement-tastic.

While Friday was relatively uneventful (I only logged on for a few minutes), on Saturday I decided to start making progress towards getting my Red Proto Drake. After organizing a run for H AN achievements, we began attempting to zerg our way to the first achieve, killing the boss with his three adds up. Even though our group was really, really geared, we met with failure each time. I’d brought a hunter and a pally along in the group, and at this point I was glad I did; we had the pally off-tank the three adds up towards the start, with the hunter laying traps and misdirecting to help him stay alive while keeping aggro. Our druid healer ran off and kept him healed after throwing several HoTs on the tank, while I popped bloodlust and cooldowns, and began dps-ing the boss. Watching the health bars of the hunter and pally, I saw the pally bubble, then watched the hunter’s health plummet, before the healer died as well. As the adds came running towards us, the tank and I managed to down the boss, getting everybody the achievement. Next up, we did the standard “pull aggro and restart the fight,” with the hunter feigning death and then using Aspect of the Cheetah to speed us along to the boss. The speed kill for the final boss in AN was effortless, and after clearing every achievement there, we decided to go to Ahn’Kahet. Long story short, we wiped a few times there, but ultimately got every achievement until the final boss, which required a 2-minute speed kill. We ended up not triggering both of his add waves at once, meaning we didn’t have enough time to dps him down afterwards. We left H OK with that achieve left, and disbanded. However, the achievement runs weren’t done yet, at least for me; I saw someone in trade chat putting a group together for the relatively easy Better off Dred in DTK, the last achievement I needed for that dungeon. We came, we saw, we conquered the dinosaur and his six adds, snagging the achievement. Later in the night, I’d do some more twos, and I had a rude shock when I started fighting two frost mages. I popped bloodlust to help my partner and I survive the initial burst damage… and watched as both mages spell stole it from me. I’d never seen it done before, and I watched as my health plummeted to zero in under five seconds. Ouch. Just another lesson learned, I guess.

Sunday was also a day where I didn’t really do much playing, but Monday I came back determined to close out H OK. After putting a group together, and agreeing to wipe on the final boss if we didn’t get there in two minutes, we began our attempts. It took us over thirty minutes of close shaves, but finally, with about five seconds to spare, we got it done, finishing up OK for me. The day was also great for PvP;  my partner and I went on a six win streak to get us back up to 1350, allowing me to purchase my Deadly shoulders. Then, after running H ToC, I had enough emblems to cash in for my deadly helm as well, giving me 5/5 deadly gear just in time for the season’s end and making me look like a red (maroon, maybe?) turtle. While I’d say it’s a step down from the darker-colored Hatefuls… well, it’s a big step up from the Furious set. Who thought light blue crystals would be a good idea?!

Seeing red in full Deadlys

Seeing red in full Deadlys




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