Two Days, Two Hours

28 08 2009

Yeah, so I’ve gone back to college, meaning almost no time recently for WoW. The title of this post is because I’ve only played two hours in the last two days… a big change from summer vacation, aka “there is nothing to do at home oh hey lets play WoW.” I ended up coming late to our raid on Wednesday (I’d actually forgotten it was that day in the first place) and found my guild on the Faction Champions boss in ToTC 10. They swapped out a lower DPS for me/bloodlust, and we gave it a shot… we wiped, horribly. We tried again, same thing. We tried a third time and yeah, no dice. For whatever reason, even with bloodlust, we were absolutely incapable of killing that priest, as she healed herself back up time and time again. How we managed this feat last week, I have no idea.

After that, we moved back to Ulduar, starting fresh to continue getting everybody gear. FL with two towers up is becoming a joke; we had a siege engine die soon into the fight, and we still killed it no problems. Afterwards, we went on to Razorscale, where I managed to top charts at about 4k DPS. Love that fight… nothing like just going through the motions. On that note, between the new trinket, totem, and shoulders… wow. Big, big dps increase. My rotation now is just Flame Shock -> Lava Burst -> Lightning Bolt (x4/5) -> Lava Burst, repeat. If it gets easier than that, I’ll be very surprised. The reason this works so well is because the new totem and my t8 set bonus is all based around lightning bolt, meaning I can cut Chain Lightning out of the rotation and still do more dps, all while using less mana. On the longer fights, that’s a really, really nice perk.

As for yesterday, well… yeah. I only logged on to fix Bartender (bars were missing; turns out the solution was to just reset their positions) and update Quartz to 3.2 at long, long last. Goodbye lame Blizzard cast bar, hello coolness! After I got that sorted out in about five to ten minutes, I went into WG to defend, and everything worked the way it supposed to. Awesome.




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