Profitting from PvP

29 08 2009

So, in the last couple of weeks I’ve basically stopped doing anything that resembles a daily quest. With my TBluff set complete, my motivation for doing stuff for the Argents is exactly zero. Hell, I don’t even want to try the jewelcrafting one because it requires five minutes of my time. However, I’ve still been making a little bit of money to pay for repair costs, gems and enchants by doing PvP stuff, which is how I spent just over an hour yesterday. With Alterac as the holiday BG this weekend, I decided to go make some honor to pay for epic gems; I’m maxed out as far as PvP gear goes, so it’s actually a great way to get rid of excess honor, given that the gems go for 130g a pop, and I can get some emblems for the PvP mounts at the same time (oh, and it’s fun). After a few Alteracs, I headed over to Wintergrasp, where the easy PvP is; two quests and 80 kills later, I was up another 8000 honor. In total, I got about 18000 honor yesterday, as well as a bunch of marks, which I could turn in for even more if I didn’t want all of the mounts. Not bad for a few hours of Alterac and Wintergrasp, even if everyone doesn’t know what the word “defense” is in the Valley.




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