I’m Going To Try Resto.

3 09 2009

Yep, that’s right. I’m going to do it.

I decided last night that, well, I’m a Shaman. And our guild could always use another healer. And healing would be a big change of pace, and it could be a lot of fun. But what really put me over the edge was running a normal ToC with some guildies. We were short a healer, so I decided to just heal in elemental spec; I’ve done it before, and it basically equates to “throw Earthliving on (a weapon buff that can proc a HoT), and spam Lesser Healing Wave like there’s no tomorrow.” This time, though, our tank wasn’t as geared, and a dps warrior we found in LFG was putting out 600 dps, and a guildie druid we were trying to gear was putting out about 800. So, pretty awful DPS overall. This led to some wipes, and, when we resolved to run it again to get some more gear, I specced into the Resto tree.

One word: wow. I was still wearing most of my ele gear, since I’ve never really worked on a healing set, but the difference was huge. My healing spells did more! They cost less! I have an instant cast heal! Earth Shield is amazing! We still wiped a couple times since we ended up four manning, and Confessor Paletress beat the living crap out of me. But the experience was, overall, really cool. It’s left me with these thoughts:

  1. healing isn’t too bad it’s actually pretty fun I keep people alive and I’m really good at this and oh god I’m stunned oh god I can’t heal oh god the tank is dead shit shit shit
  2. okay I’m going to do better this time I just need to watch the tank’s health bar and then when he gets hit I’ll just throw a BURST DAMAGE oh god the tank is dead shit shit shit
  3. Getting a third set of gear is going to be time-consuming. Enchanting and gemming that gear is going to be expensive. Learning how to heal is going to be a pain. Better head back into Naxx…
  4. I can’t kill anyone in PvP.
  5. Re-speccing between Resto and Ele PvP is going to get very expensive, very fast.
  6. I forsee a few weeks of checking out Elitist Jerks-recommended healing mods. Healbot, Grid, Decursive… you’re on notice.

So, that was a couple hours on Monday night. Courtesy of RL and Tuesday maintanence, I actually didn’t play at all yesterday. Definitely looking forward to tonight’s raid though.




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