My Week in WoW #2

8 09 2009

So, my laziness and the Labor Day weekend combined, with the end result of me not posting until now. That doesn’t mean I didn’t have any time for WoW, though; in fact, a ton happened this week, with new gear, new bosses, and new Achievements.

With Wednesday’s raid, we managed to clear ToC 10 for the first time! We started off well, as usual, one-shotting the Beasts and Lord Jaraxxus, and then we hit the Faction Champions. I don’t know what happened this week, but I do know that as cool as this idea is, I’m really starting to hate this boss fight. We spent over an hour, and at least ten wipes, trying to kill these guys. We finally managed to get our CCs figured out, as we took down out the heals and went to work on the DPS. I don’t know if I’ve ever been that relieved to see a boss downed. We went on to one-shot the Twins in what is still a fun (if really easy) fight, before moving onto Anub’arak himself. I’ll give Blizzard credit, they made the opening of this fight pretty epic; one moment you’re standing in the Coliseum, the next, Arthas himself appears in front of you, then you’re falling through the air into the pits of Azjol Nerub. We formed up, and, incredibly enough, took out Anub’arak in one try. As far as loot went, I managed to get the Sunreaver Disciple’s Blade from the Faction Champions, and then the Darkbane Amulet from the Valkyrs, since I was the only caster DPS. Not bad at all. We ended up trying hard mode afterwards, to no avail, as we wiped on the Beasts a few times and decided to call it.

My Sunreavers Disciple Blade. The glowy Horde symbol is a nice touch.

My Sunreaver Disciple's Blade. The glowy Horde symbol is a nice touch.

On Thursday, I healed a few more heroics, continuing to accumulate Conquest badges for my resto gear, and Triumph badges for my ele set. I actually managed to get, at long last, the Brann Spankin’ New achievement on my second run through the dungeon when my group, for the first time ever, decided not to stand in the laser beams. There was one small problem with the instance, though… we got over halfway through it, before realizing it was on normal. Fail. We ran out, ran back through it, and snagged the achieve. That was the final one I needed in H HoS, meaning I have only four dungeons left for my Red Proto Drake. Not looking forward to Occulus… at all. Once I finished H HoS, I decided to run OS25 for the first time in a few months, only this time I tried healing. With everybody pretty geared, this was a walk in the park, and, lo and behold, Illustration of the Dragon Soul dropped. With the highest roller at 76, I threw down.. for a 77. Bam, nobody else managed to roll over me, and the trinket was mine. I got a tell afterwards from the guy I beat by one, asking me if I was actually healing, with my set of half-ele gear. I replied to check the meters; I’d beaten him in healing done. The complaining stopped after that.

Friday saw me stepping into Wintergrasp to defend, and then lead a Vault 25 run. I didn’t gearcheck, for once, and decided to just hope that everybody was decently geared. As we attempted the new boss for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised as everybody was good. Incredibly enough, we one-shotted Koralon without any major problems; a couple pieces of hunter and mage gear dropped, no Shaman stuff. We moved on to Emalon… and wiped on the trash on the way there, when our tanks decided to pull before half our DPS had arrived. Other than that little bug, we one-shotted Emalon, and saw even more hunter gear drop. We followed that up to Archavon, and, of course, our hunters got even more gear. Afterwards, I threw together a Vault 10 run from the best people that stayed for it, wth similar results. Koralon went down, and even though our best dps dropped out afterwards, we one-shotted Emalon with nine guys. Archavon went down soon afterwards. Oh, and as for the loot… hunter, hunter, and hunter. Yikes. The lone hunter that stayed on for 10-man was a happy guy by the end.

Saturday saw me on for less than two hours, when I healed an H VH before noon, and another one afterwards, before picking up my T8.5 healing chest, enough for my 2-piece set bonus, and a nice mp5 bump. The boss I needed for my final achievement there was a no-show, yet again. Sunday, though, saw something new for me and most of my guild: we decided to PuG out eleven spots for Ulduar, and gave 25-man a shot. After gear-checking everybody, we headed in, and took out the Leviathan with no troubles, one-shotting him. Caster cloth dropped, and my guild cleaned up, winning every piece but losing the Runed Orb to one of the PuGs. XT went down with no problems as well,as we one-shotted, and more caster gear dropped. A lock from my guild went on to win his second piece; the rest went to the PuGs. We went on to Razor, next, for our third one-shot, and my guildie lock’s third piece of gear. As we went onto Ignis, our good fortune came to an end. He’s my least favorite boss in Ulduar, simply because of the massive amounts of annoying trash that needs to be cleared to get to him, and then the time it takes to kill him; he’s basically a huge time-sink. He was no different tonight, as we wiped three times, when nobody got healed in the pot of death on our first try, and a healer dc’d on our second. Our third time we just sucked, but our fourth attempt saw him go down, and, awesomely enough, the Pyrelight Circle dropped. I managed to outroll every other caster and healer, and I’m now, at long last, Epic. Technically, I got it awhile ago, simply because I put my PvP ring into a different socket, but now, my worst piece of gear is actually from Naxx25. Not bad at all. We ended up calling the raid soon afterwards, as a few people dropped out, and we wiped a couple time on the Antechamber trash. Myself and two other guildies ran H CoS for the regular quest and its extra emblem, only we picked up the worst tank ever and almost wiped multiple times on our timed run attempt. How bad was he, you ask? Not only was he bad enough that I managed to pull off of him and almost die (this never happens to me), not only did he run the wrong way whenever trash mobs spawned, but, incredibly enough: he let Arthas die. Yep, rather than pick up the trash mobs in the hallway before the second-to-last boss, he let Arthas tank them. Our druid healer was so busy keeping him alive that he didn’t notice Arthas’ plight; he was dead before we knew what had happened. Afterwards, I healed in Ele spec (I’d just gone to PvP instead of resto), as our druid healer became our second tank, and we progressed onwards without any further problems. But still… seriously. Arthas died. The fact that it happened still boggles my mind.

To wrap up this mega-post, it wasn’t a packed week, but I got more gear than I have in a long time, got a few achieves, and did a ton of new stuff. It was a good week.




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