September To-Do List

9 09 2009

Only eight days late! Every month, I usually have a general idea of what I want to happen, and get done, but I figure it’ll be cool to see if what I actually managed to accomplish at the end of the month. Some of the stuff has already happened because this is late, but whatever, here goes:

  1. Get a Resto spec together, with talents, glyphs, and gear.
  2. Replace Naxx10 ring with something not-suck
  3. Down ToC10, and at least one boss in ToGC10
  4. Finish off all heroic achieves outside of Occulus
  5. Attain at least two pieces of the Furious PvP set

On a blog-related note, I’d like to put up some strategies to bosses in Ulduar in ToTC, and lay the framework for some posts about future raids. Oh, and get onto a regular posting schedule. Wouldn’t that be nice?




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