How To: The Beasts of Northrend

10 09 2009

This is a three phase fight, where you’ll be fighting three different bosses: Gormok the Impaler, Acidmaw and Dreadscale, and Icehowl. The fights themself are actually relatively easy; they’re definitely a step below Ulduar in terms of difficulty. The fights aren’t too healing intensive, and they’re relatively easy on DPS since there’s very little movement involved in each phase.

Phase 1: Gormok
Short version: Tanks taunt off Gormok every three stacks of his debuff, ranged DPS and heals avoid fire, and kill Snobolds as they appear. Easy fight overall.

Long version: You’ll need two tanks; Gormok will begin stacking a debuff on the tanks, and the tanks will need to taunt off one another every time the debuff reaches three stacks; if it gets any higher, it will place a ton more strain on the healers. While the tanks are keeping Gormok under control, all DPS should be on the boss. Ranged DPS and healers need to spread out and keep their heads up, as Gormok will throw down fire patches periodicially, which will hit for several thousand damage per tick; DPS and heals need to move out of them immediately. Gormok will also throw out Snobolds, that will jump on random players’ backs. While not bad for melee, they’re nightmares for casters, as they stun and prevent spell casts. This can be dangerous if it gets on a healer; all ranged DPS need to switch from Gormok to the Snobolds whenever they appear, and it’s helpful if raiders call out who has the Snobold on them. If a raid is heavy on melee DPS, consider having a few of them switch as well. He’ll eventually stop throwing out Snobolds, and you can finish up the rest of the fight, no problem.

Phase 2: Acidmaw and Dreadscale
Short version:  Start with Acidmaw, keep him pointed away from the raid, and spread out ranged DPS and heals. Kite Dreadscale around the room. When raiders get a poison debuff on them, they need to run to someone with a fire debuff. Pop Bloodlust and cooldowns when Acidmaw dies, and switch to Dreadscale. Toughest of the three fights.

Long version: Initially, the raid should start out spread out at least ten yards away from one-another, and should focus fire on Acidmaw, who is immobile and needs to be pointed away from the raid. Dreadscale is movable, and needs to be kited around the room, as he’ll drop poison clouds, similar to Grobulus in Naxx. Every so often, Acidmaw will give players a poison debuff, and Dreadscale a fire debuff. The poison debuff can be cleansed by running to the OT, who should have the fire debuff; the fire debuff cannot be cleansed, and must be healed through. Partway through the fight, both Jormungar will burrow into the ground; when they come up, Acidmaw will be mobile, and Dreadscale will be immoveable. Continue to focus fire on Acidmaw until he dies, and then switch to Dreadscale. At this point, Dreadscale will enrage, and the tanks should pop their cooldowns, and the healers should be ready for intensive healing as DPS burns the boss down. If you don’t think you’re capable of a quick burn, then have a ranged DPS or two assigned to Dreadscale instead of Acidmaw throughout the fight; when Acidmaw dies, Dreadscale will be at partial health. Warlocks are especially ideal for this strategy, because they can place DoTs and switch back to Acidmaw.

Phase 3: Icehowl
Short version: Tank Icehowl facing the wall, with melee DPS stacking on the tank so that his whirl won’t knock them back. Ranged DPS need to spread out to avoid Arctic Breath. When he knocks everyone back, make sure you’re not standing in front of him, and take advantage of the double damage you can do when he is stunned. Relatively simple fight.

Long version: Tank Icehowl facing the wall, with melee dps by the tank so they aren’t knocked back by Icehowl’s whirl atttack. Icehowl will also periodically use an attack called Arctic Breath that acts as an AOE on the ranged DPS and healers, freezing them in place, inflicting a large amount of damage; to minimize its effects, all ranged DPS need to spread out. Healers will need to be prepared for large amounts of raid healing whenever this happens. The other unique aspect of the Icehowl fight is a move called Massive Crash, when he will go to the middle of the room, and knock back the raid against the wall, dealing 10,000 physical damage. He will then look at someone; if you’re in the area of where he’s looking, you need to move, ASAP, as Icehowl will charge forwards. You’ll have a debuff that will allow you to move 150% faster, which should make avoiding this attack relatively easy. Assuming he doesn’t hit someone, he’ll crash into the wall, and become stunned for fifteen seconds. During this time, he’ll take 100% damage, so DPS need to pick it up. Once he’s no longer stunned, he needs to be picked up, and you’ll repeat the process. Once you kill him, congrats, you’ve just defeated the Beasts of Northrend.




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