Rough, But Successful Raid

12 09 2009

This week has been a pretty light week for WoW, overall, save for Tuesday and Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday were both 2s-tastic, as my partner and I began our march towards a higher ranking. We’re basically breaking even, but it’s still fun. We’ve also started to realize: we play a ridiculously technical team. Seriously; between myself (an ele shaman) having to throw down different totems every two seconds, while trying my best to CC, do DPS and stay alive, and my partner is a disc priest, which means that (unlike a tree) he has a finite mana supply, and he can’t change forms and run away and be completely OP in 2s. Eventually, either we manage to DPS the team down at a good time, or we outlast them. It’s tough, but fun. Unless we’re playing a druid. At which point, it sucks. Who thought innervate and a completely endless supply of HoTs was a good idea?!

Anyway, Wednesday brought our weeekly ToTC10 raid. Only this week, despite having fourteen people show up, only nine were there for the raid. We ended up PuG-ing out a druid healer, and went to work. And wiped hardcore on the first boss. Yes. The incredibly easy Beasts of Northrend proved too much for our core raid group and a PuG, and we wiped it up on Acidmaw and Dreadscale. One word: wow. After dusting ourselves off, we downed the Beasts without a problem, and took out Jaraxxus even after a DPS and a heal died in another clumsy attempt. Moving on to the dreaded faction champions, we only wiped for three attempts, and fifteen minutes, before we downed them this week. The Twins weren’t that hard, either… after we wiped once, and we got our act together. See a trend? Finally, moving on to Anub’arak, we actually managed to wipe three times, rather than one-shot like we did last week. Most of this was our druid PuG’s insistence (and by insistence, I mean he wouldn’t stop talking about it) that we shoot down more orbs to stand in. Which was fine, since we basically turned the place into a skating rink, until we wasted too much time hitting down orbs and hit the enrage timer. Wow. He left after the first two wipes, and we brought in a new healer, who we wiped with once before downing him. I’m glad we got it done, but, man. It was excruciating knowing we could usually go through those fights blindfolded, and this week it was like everybody had forgotten how to play. It happens sometimes; and I guess this was one of those times.

Thursday and Friday actually brought a net time of about one hour, as I entered into an Alterac Valley, and actually had to leave before it even finished; we were ahead too, unfortunately. This weekend should give me an couple hours of playtime, and Sunday’s raid should be good, like always.




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