Ulduar, 2s and ToC 25

16 09 2009

Saturday, in a word, was 2s-tastic. Our rating went from around 1200 to about 1350, and there were a ton of good fights. The best one of the night was probably when I ended up having to fight a Resto Shaman 1v1, when my priest died as I killed his warrior. Both of us were short on mana, and it was almost funny to see how fast we both refreshed water shields. What followed was ten minutes of pressure; I’d damage him down, forcing him to waste mana as I tried to keep my pool at a reasonable level, sprinkling in Thunderstorms every 30 seconds. We hexed one-another, landing lava bursts and flame shocks. Each time, I line-of-sighted, killing his casts, before retreating to throw on a Healing Wave. His biggest mistake ended up being trying to purge my water shield; it ended up being a huge mana drain as I refreshed it continually. Finally, after getting him to around 3/4 health, with no way to line of sight me, I popped my PvP trinket and elemental mastery, and went to work with the 5k mana I’d worked up. Battle over. That fight was definitely the highlight of the night, but it was only one of many.

With our raid Sunday night, we stepped back into Ulduar, for badges, gear and fun. We ended up having to PuG out a paladin healer when a few guildies were no-shows, but other than that, we had no problems going in. FL+2 was much, much closer than usual, as, after only two catapult launches, the other Demolisher went down. I grabbed excess pyrite before getting launched up a few more times; in the end, the FL went down with most of our vehicles around 10% health, but it did go down. Razor and XT were both one-shots, as was Kologarn, Auriaya, Freya, and even Hodir. However, after this great progress, our luck for the night ran out. We attempted Thorim’s hard mode; because some of our core group wasn’t present, and much of the group hadn’t seen the fight before, we saw wipes for about 45 minutes before we decided to go back to Ignis and call it for the night. After wiping once, we brought him down, no trouble, closing out the raid for the night. Overall, I had no complaints, as we got done what we wanted to get done, even if it did take us some extra time.

Monday saw me doing the daily heroic, and a few 2s matches to hit 1400; on Tuesday, however, I joined a PuG ToC 25 run. First impressions: I’m thankful that I have the guild I do. The raid was mostly from one guild, and for our first attempt on the Beasts they were absolutely incapable of moving from Icehowl’s charge. Three charges, three enrages, and one eventual wipe. And, unfortunately, no loot for me. The PuGs were able to roll on the Trophy, as long as we had 50+ emblems, and I threw down a 15. Ouch. Jaraxxus was next, and once again, we ended up having to wipe when our ranged DPS decided standing by infernals was a cool idea; likewise for standing in fire, or, even worse, running through the melee DPS with it. The fight afterwards, we got it together, and took him down. Jaraxxus doesn’t drop any loot for me, but the trophy came and I rolled a 95. And it went to a guildie. I wasn’t too surprised, really, but I’ve never seen a GM backtrack on loot rules that fast, before kicking me from vent. It’s only a 13 level difference in gear, so it’s not a huge deal… but man, come on. Ninja’ing sucks in PuGs, and it’s worse when an entire guild does it. I finished up the night by leading a VoA 10 raid (nothing dropped) that went smoothly, with only one wipe on Koralon, before starting up a VoA 25 raid. The differences in the fights are, for me at least, becoming more pronounced. Maybe it’s because more people means less quality players and more chaos, in addition to the extra damage. But, damn… we spent over an hour wiping on Koralon before we finally killed him. After that, we wiped on the Emalon trash, before one-shotting everything else. I still don’t understand why people find it hard to avoid standing in fire, especially when DBM throws up an audio cue and giant words on the screen. Two priests dying, side by side, in two different cinders, is a terrible sight to see, and an even worse feeling.

To top it all off, Shaman loot did drop, if only from VoA 10. It was just the t8 ele legs (got ’em), and hateful Enhancement legs. So. Sad.




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