How To: Lord Jaraxxus

17 09 2009

This is a somewhat hectic fight; Jaraxxus summons adds and has several abilities that end up meaning there will be a lot of movement throughout the raid, even as he is tanked with almost no movement. This is a fight where players need to be on their toes, to avoid incoming damage, switch to adds, and more. Once you get it down, though, this fight will be a breeze.

Short version: Tank in middle, kill the adds quickly, spell-steal/dispel Nether Power, interrupt his casts, spread out, and don’t stand in fire. Fire resistance aura/totem at all times. Easy once learned.

Long version: Lord Jaraxxus is a fight with a lot going on, and a lot of damage; it can be tough on healers if the raid isn’t avoiding damage, and killing adds quickly. However, once you get the basics down, it’s pretty easy, and shouldn’t give you too much trouble. He has several abilities which can make life very difficult for healers if the raid isn’t trying to avoid damage. To help with damage reduction, use a fire resistance aura/totem at all times. His ability is Fel Fireball, which is an interruptable spell that he’ll cast against the MT; keep a rogue, or another melee class with interrupts on Jaraxxus, and be prepared for a bit of extra healing if it isn’t interrupted. The second spell to watch for is Legion Flame, in which he’ll place patches of fire on a random player. They have to run away to avoid the patches (and damage); if they stand in the fire long enough, they’ll be instantly killed. The really dangerous spell that he casts is Incinerate Flesh, which works like a Priest’s shields, only in reverse; rather than absorb damage, it absorbs heals. If your healers can’t do enough healing before it expires, the entire raid will start taking around 4000 damage every second. This is a dangerous ability that can wipe the raid very, very quickly.

The other part of the Jaraxxus fight are the adds he spawns. There will be two types: He’ll either summon a Mistress of Pain, or a group of Infernals. The Mistress it the more dangerous of the two adds, as she will hit almost about as hard as Jaraxxus himself. Periodically, she’ll also target a random player and use a move called Spinning Pain Spike, which basically amounts to a giant pile driver that will do a moderate amount of damage. Ranged DPS need to focus fire on the Mistress to bring her down quickly; have a melee or two switch as well if you need the extra bit of damage. As for the infernals, try to have the off tank group them up so they can be AOE’d down quickly. This can be tough, as they’ll periodically choose a random player, charge them, and begin channeling an un-interruptable spell that will do AOE damage in a small radius around the infernal. Players need to stay away from this AOE, and the MT/melee DPS need to be on their toes in case an infernal attacks them. The important thing about the infernals is this: they can be stunned. Your tank should try to keep them stunned as much as possible to help out the ranged DPS. Once the adds are killed, ranged DPS can switch back to Jaraxxus, and continue attacking him until the next adds spawn. If you can kill the adds quickly and avoid taking raid damage, Jaraxxus will be a cakewalk.




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