Bosses Don’t Kill Raids, I Do.

21 09 2009

No, not the bosses in the raids, the raids themselves. I hadn’t been on WoW since around Wednesday, (I even missed Pirate Day completely) and I was eating lunch on Sunday, the day of our raid. And there’s nothing like  getting a call from my GM asking where I am during that lunch, because the raid was waiting. On me.

Yep, our raid was actually in the afternoon, not the evening, and my failure to attend meant we were short a good DPS and a tenth person, so… yeah. Raid didn’t happen, and I caught a ton of flak for it, despite the fact that I said I didn’t mind being replaced, and there’s no shortage of quality DPS if you’re willing to spend a few minutes spamming trade chat, which I guess they weren’t. I still felt like a pretty big heel, and spent the next couple hours doing some 2s before logging out. On a high note, we managed to kill a tree/warrior, for the first time ever… played it so that the druid actually ran out of mana, and a last gasp of burst damage took him out. Definitely the best feeling I’ve ever had doing arena.




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