Brewfest/3.2.2 Impressions

23 09 2009

Another Tuesday, another day of maintanence, only yesterday brought 3.2.2 along with it. First impresssions: everything is exactly the same, only with a bit of patch-day lag. I did re-glyph my Flame Shock glyph to Glyph of Lava, and I feel like I’m hitting a little bit harder, but nothing’s really jumped right out and changed for me. I’ll have to wait until a raid to really see how much DPS I’ve gained.

Brewfest also began over the weekend, and I’m just now getting around to trying out the dailies. So far, they seem pretty easy, and also about as monotonous as the average holiday quest. Still, I’m gonna push through them for the Brewmaster achievement, since that Violet Proto Drake isn’t going to get itself (even though, at minimum, it’ll still be almost a year until I can get it.) One thing I’ve noticed about Brewfest that I’m not sure I like: the music, and the goblins. Usually, Blizzard does a pretty good job with their soundtracks but this… this just seems annoying. And as much as I like quoting Goblins as a long-running joke with my guild, I could’ve done without the constant Goblin laughter and chatter. I didn’t really care too much the first time when one of them couldn’t feel his legs, and after thirty minutes, it became mind-numbing. The sooner I can get that Brewmaster achievement, the better.




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