Three Weeks, Part One: Sayis the Undying

14 10 2009

Man, this is starting to become a theme. The next posts over the next few days will cover my last few weeks; the only reason I haven’t written a post is mostly because of my own lack of motivation to do so. That ends here. The first week was filled with computer trouble, fail raids, awful achievement runs and what will probably be my worst Onyxia raid ever. It’s also been filled with some great successes, an Undying title, and some great times.

Wednesday saw myself and another guildie try to start a ToC 25 PuG. With about ten of our members, it was more than half-PuG’d, but everyone had done the fights and was geared. What started off as us just wiping a couple times ended up being us failing miserably for over two hours on the Beast of Northrend. We never even downed the first boss, and, to make everything worse, on every fight my computer DC’d, so I couldn’t even lead the raid effectively or see what was going wrong. Definitely not one of our better runs… I ended the night by logging off in disgust

Thursday, unfortunately, wasn’t much better. My internet troubles struck again, and I ended up having to miss the weekly ToC 10raid. Friday, however, things got better. Because of everybody’s schedules, we ended up trying to raid back-to-back, on Thursday and Friday. However, because we only had eight guildies log on, we tried to PuG out ToC 10 hard modes for an hour, with no success. Our PuGs, of course, didn’t want to attempt Ulduar 10 hard modes either, so we decided to do something different: a Naxx 10 Undying run. With eight people. The funniest part was just how easy Naxx is, even with only eight of us there. A healer even missed the entire Grobbulus fight, but, luckily, he didn’t get the poison debuff, and we went through the plague quarter with no further problems. After picking up the 8-man Thaddius achievement, we strove on to Sapphiron, popping stoneblood flasks to make our lives easier. With healers instructed to keep an eye on one of our historically unlucky rogues, we downed Saph with no problems, and moved on to Kel’Thuzad himself. Phase one, of course, was easy… Phase two saw great healing, and a lot of talking as people called out void zones and ice blocks. It looked like Kel liked me the best, since I got blocked every single time, save for one; our healers kept me up through all of them. With a Bloodlust on phase 3, we were off to the races, and a near-death. One of our warlocks stood in the red rings of death, even as people were calling it out. Within three seconds, people were literally shouting as the lock stood in the ring with Kel at only 200k health. She jumped out, and no more than a quarter second later the ring activated. I’ve never been more relieved in my life, and we earned our titles a few seconds later. It was a good night.

Lookin good after our 8-Man Undying run

Lookin' good after our 8-Man Undying run

On Saturday, some late-night boredom let myself and three other guildies to PuG out another ToC25, with me leading again. This time, though, my internet held up, and so did the PuG. We two-shotted the beasts, three-shotted Jaraxxus, and one-shotted the Faction Champions. Wow. We died four times on the Twins before we took them out, and of course, failed miserably on Anub’arak. The run saw us impress a bunch of PuGgers, and also snag some gear for our guildies, and even myself, at last. I picked up the Sabatons of Tremoring Earth, a huge upgrade to my 213 boots from EoE 10. With another ToC under my belt, I’ve picked up this: people love getting hit by Icehowl, and not getting the right color essence on the Twins. In spite of that, we were still successful, and I was happy. Saturday also saw one other cool thing: the Brewfest Ram dropped, and I rolled a clutch 97 to pick it up. Very cool.

Sunday saw me grabbing my final heroic Violet Hold achievement, and nothing else, since I logged off afterwards. Monday was another day characterized by failure, although I couldn’t help but laugh as it happened. I tried the Less-Rabi and Share the Love achievements in Gun’Drak again… it was a no-go, as we couldn’t get that third interrupt, and we killed him by accident after he turned. I wasn’t laughing at that point, but afterwards, myself and two other guildies joined an Onyxia 25 PuG. We cleared trash like usual, with everthing going fine. Then, on our first try, a mage ran forward, pulled the boss… and we all died in her fire breath before we knew what was happening. No big deal, it happens. But, on the second attempt, someone pulled the boss again, with the same results. This time, it was the raid leader; ouch. Attempt number three saw the tank pick up the boss, then die before he got halfway across the room. A druid went into bear form, and held off Onyxia, while the other druids in the raid decided not to Brez the tank. We wiped ten seconds later, and the entire raid fell apart. I was laughing at this point; I’ve never seen things go much worse than that.

Tuesday saw me trying the Gun’Drak achievements again, with no success. I led Vault 25/10 runs, which saw no gear for me. Two good things did happen: I joined another Onyxia 25 PuG, with better results, since we one-shotted, and the elemental helm dropped; I outrolled two others to win it, and the Helm of Ten Storms is now in my possession. My trip to BRD for the Brewfest daily also saw me grab the remote, at long last. I’ll never need to fly out there again!

My Brew-FAST Mount. A bit awkward, but cool.

My Brew-FAST Mount. A bit awkward, but cool.




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