Three Weeks, Part Two: Same Old, Same Old

18 10 2009

This was actually a relatively uneventful week in Azeroth. Wednesday saw us step back into ToC 10 in a trouble-free raid, as we one-shotted every boss. Our attempts at heroic mode, though, went poorly as usual, as we couldn’t down the Beasts. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were all days where I logged on just to see what the guild was up to; I didn’t run any raids, or even instances though. Sunday saw me attempt, and fail, Less Rabi yet again, but was otherwise an average day. Monday, too, brought little help, as I failed at Heroic Gun’drak achievements yet again. Tuesday brought some respite from the failure at last, as I managed to get Share the Love, even though Less Rabi still fell out of my reach. This week was average, sure, but the next week would see some great things happen.




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