Three Weeks, Part Three: Glory of the Hero

21 10 2009

This past week was a good one… well, a great one. An awesome one. Maybe one of the best ever. But, I’m getting ahead of myself; I’ll pick up where I left off.

Wednesday was our weekly ToC 25 PuG, and I feel like I’m really starting to get a handle on what works and what doesn’t when leading raids. After taking around twenty minutes to fill up the raid (PuGs outnumber guildies in our runs), we were off, to an easy one-shot of the Beasts, Jaraxxus, and, incredibly enough, only a few wipes on the Faction Champions. I’ve found recently, though, that the Twins are actually the toughest fight for PuGs to get through, and this week was no different. We wiped for over an hour before getting them down, and it was even more frustrating than the Champions. People really have trouble with the essence concept, though, and it’s disheartening to watch a healer stay as light essence when you’re telling everyone to change to dark in vent. After the Twins, we put in a few attempts on Anub’arak, but were unable to make it to Phase 3 before the enrage timer, and called it . Wednesday was also tight because of what happened after the raid; I continued my grind towards my Proto Drake, completing both the Emerald and Ruby void achievements at once by using five Amber drakes. Every time I set foot in Occulus, though, I get the urge to jump out the nearest window. The drakes scale now, but it doesn’t make the place more… good.

Thursday was uneventful, and since I was out of town on Friday and Saturday, I didn’t set foot in Azeroth for most of the weekend. I got home in time Sunday for our weekly ToC 10 man run, which went swimmingly, but I did little else that day. Monday was depressing, with another failed Less Rabi attempt. Tuesday, however, was achievement-tastic; after putting a Less Rabi group together, I finally got it done! My sharpest memory is waiting for the third interrupt to happen; in that tenth of a second where the cast bar appeared, I fired off a Wind Shear, and somehow got the interrupt as we burned him down. Next up, I decided to keep the train rolling and headed into the Culling of Stratholme for Zombiefest. I decided to heal, and it was a rough, since my guildie tank was using PvP gear and generally, it’s bad when a bear tank has 26k health. His understanding of the achievement (or lack thereof) almost took it away from us; immediately after killing the second necromancer boss, he ran out and began killing zombies, instead of waiting until the third boss was down to kite them. I went into caps-lock mode in party chat, and he ran back, but not before killing at least 10-15 zombies. We still gave it a go, kiting the zombies through the town hall into the burning section of town, before sprinting through the trash there and hitting as many zombies as we could. We barely, barely made it; we snagged the achievement just before everybody died, thanks to a timely Fan of Knives by the rogue, a few flame shocks and a magma totem from me, and some other spells from our mage. With those two down, it meant the only achievements I needed were from the Occulus, and the idea that I could get my drake in a day had me pumped; I decided to get the Amber Void achievement alongside the Experienced Drake rider. I put another group together, and proceeded to one-shot the boss, snagging both achieves as planned, a rare feat when you’re dealing with Occulus.

Wednesday was The Big Day. I threw together what ended up being a very successful ToC 25 PuG, and we waltzed through the Beasts, Jaraxxus, and even the Faction Champions with one-shots. The Twins, predictably, gave us trouble, but not nearly as much as the week prior; we put in three attempts and were through that boss. The DPS this week were much smarter, and fewer raiders died because of essence issues. I’m learning fast that once more than three DPS are gone, this fight becomes much, much harder on the Twins Pact spells, especially if their DPS was good. We called it once the Twins went down without even putting an attempt in on Anub, since the concensus among my guild was that we still didn’t have a good enough group for it, and that we didn’t want to spend an hour wiping. Afterwards, though, I decided to get a group together for my final achievement: Make It Count. After searching for twenty minutes, I got very, very lucky when I picked up a guy who had friends that would come along. It turned out that he and his friends were all in 232-level gear, much better than what I was hoping for. We ended up having two of his friends dc twice before the first boss; they were promptly replaced by his similarly-geared guildmates. I gave out Vent info, and after a quick talk on what we were going to do, we were off. I’d decided to heal, and it ended up being easy on the trash and boss fights, as the tank (40k health warrior) took so little damage I only needed to keep up an Earth Shield, and throw on the occassional Riptide. We pulled a few trash drakes along the way, but they went down fast; our group was good enough that we killed the first boss in twenty seconds. We moved on, fast, not even stopping to loot, and soon came up to Eregos. We formed up, pulled… and a few minutes later, he was dead, and I had Glory of the Hero. Wow. What a rush… from the time of my first heroic achieve, this took me seven months to get, although I only actively tried for the last two, maybe three months. I was so elated that I actually screenshotted the achievement, the first time I’ve ever done that; even when I hit 80 or got Undying, well, it was a big deal, but not a huge one. This was.

At long last, Glory of the Hero.

At long last, Glory of the Hero.

After recieving some kind words from the guildies that were on, I hearthed to Dalaran and went to the first mailbox I saw, got my mount and saved the letter. I’ve gotta say, flying on my drake for the first time, I couldn’t even believe I’d gotten it done. This was one of the things I wanted to do for a long time, and I was always afraid that Blizzard would take it out in one of the patches… they didn’t, thank God, and here I am. I’ve named her Ruby (the only mount I’ve given a name to), and wow. I don’t think I’ll be trading this mount in for a long, long time. As a sidenote, I never need to set foot in The Occulus again (I got the Timmear Forsees achievement too, after turning in the Occulus daily). Good riddance.

Ruby, at full wingspan

Ruby, at full wingspan

Flying High

Flying High




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