Back Up To Speed

25 10 2009

So, that’s what happened in the last month. After getting my drake, I can’t say I did a ton; I realized I didn’t have any other real short term goals in mind. I was on WoW for maybe an hour between Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. On Sunday, we went back into ToC and one-shotted everything, and I finally, finally got enough emblems to get my four pieces of Tier 9, all at once. I’ve been on the fence about how the t9 actually looks; pictures don’t compare to seeing something in person. The helm in particular had me worried, but I’ve gotta say the entire set looks really cool together. I’m also not missing wearing a dress as much as I thought I would, but I’d feel more natural throwing out spells in a robe. I’ve also dropped my TBluff Tabard, since the tan clashed pretty hardcore with the purple of the tier. Overall, I’m happy with this set, and I won’t be missing my T8 too much on the road to Icecrown. The weekend had some guild drama, too… one of our tanks left the guild, after being dissatisfied with our progress, which isn’t bad in itself. It is bad when my GM and a couple guildies run with him and his new guildmates, and, after a few light words exchanged (my GM told our ex-tank that one of his guildies should get off his high horse), things went downhill fast. Their guild began insulting everyone in mine that they had run with, and while I won’t get into specifics, some terrible things were said. One of my friends had been dealing with a death in the family, and that was brought up several times… basically, our ex-tank sold us out, and I guess six months of being friends in a guild doesn’t go as far as it used to. After apologizing, he even went as far as to make a level 1 alt, throw out further insults, before logging back onto his main and acting like nothing had happened. We know this thanks to a member of their guild that wasn’t a complete douchebag, and yikes. When an entire guild seems to be okay with harassing another player, it really makes me appreciate how cool the people I hang around WoW with are, and how terrible another guild could be. Monday and Tuesday, thankfully, were uneventful, but Wednesday saw my weekly ToC 25 PuG.

The very-cool, purple-and-blue T9

My t9, dress not included.

As far as PuGs go, this one was pretty good. I’ve started to mention my guild name as I recruit every week, and I think it’s helping people that’ve run before identify me. With any luck, it’ll provide a mental bump to us on the server, or maybe even help with recruiting. The fact that our loot rules are PuG friendly (Trophies and Orbs are 1-25 rolled, not reserved), and that I actually do loot things to the people that win rolls doesn’t hurt the recruiting process either. It took about twenty minutes this week to fill the raid, get everybody assembled, explain the loot rules and the first fight, and then we were off to the races. And by, “off to the races” I actually mean “off to a wipe,” since the tank I had to PuG after Sunday’s drama didn’t know what he was doing, despite having cleared the place on 10-man. I’d put him on Dreadscale and he hadn’t bothered to kite him around the room, deciding instead to stand in the giant acid pools. When our melee DPS were poisoned and ran over, predictably, a bunch died. This wasn’t too bad, since we still had the numbers to keep going, but when he was tanking Dreadscale after he enraged… he turned him towards the raid. Bad idea. We took a fire blast head on, and everybody died. I re-explained the fight, focusing this time on the tanking strategy, and lo and behold; we had no problems on our second attempt. Even Icehowl wasn’t too bad, only enraging once. Things went well after that, as we one-shotted Jaraxxus and the Faction Champions (my shield, unfortunately, didn’t drop). The Twins, predictably, ended the easiness, as we wiped pretty badly. People left at that point due to, of all things, time constraints, something that’s always confused me. Joining a raid when you don’t have at least two hours to spend has always seemed strange to me, but they were polite about it and headed out. After fifteen minutes of recruiting in Dalaran, I filled up the remaining spots, and we took out the Twins in one of the worst kills I have ever seen. We had a last, cooldown-infused gasp on their final Twin’s Pact spell, and somehow got the interrupt. The raid started dying at this point, with people dropping left and right as they started taking orb hits. We finished the Twins with about half of the raid alive… ouch. A kill’s a kill, though, and I had no problem taking it. We were going to make an attempt on Anub’arak, but, of course, the tank I PuG’d left because he hadn’t planned on being there for two hours, which pretty much killed the motivation for the fight after the waiting on the Twins, and we called the raid there. I used my Emblems of Triumph to pick up a Crusader’s Orb, which sold quickly for around 600g, which was a big help in paying for my enchanting/gemming costs for T9. Overall, it was a pretty good night.

Nothing really happened Thursday, but Friday was an awesome night; I did some BGs with my guild for the first time in ages, and had a great time. Me and three others coordinated in each fight (we were doing Strand of the Ancients, for the holiday bonus). We smashed the Alliance 5/6 times, earning over 14k honor for the night. I’ve really gotta get back into PvP… after such a big break, I’d forgotten how much fun it could be with a few good friends. I even got motivated enough to do some fishing in between the fights, allowing me to make some cash, since I’ve decided to focus on getting myself a Mechano-hog. On Saturday, I ran two things: Ahn’Qiraj for the achievement , and Violet Hold for the heroic daily quest, giving me enough Emblems to buy another Orb. I came in for the last two bosses in AQ… yikes. We waltzed through the first one, but C’thun, oh C’thun. I started throwing spells out, and then I died. In one hit. I didn’t (still don’t) know what hit me. A lot of 80s died, but we still downed him and I snagged the achieve. As for the Orb, I ended up selling it for around 550g; their prices are dropping quickly since everybody’s getting their last piece of tier, and I’m trying to sell while I can still get a decent price for them. With that orb I have just over 7000 gold, meaning that mechano-hog is a long, long way away. But hey, if there’s one thing I have plenty of, it’s time.




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