How To: The Twin Val’kyr

26 10 2009

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations; you’re over the Faction Champion hump, and on to a cool, fun, and relatively easy boss fight. This isn’t necessarily a cakewalk, though; if players aren’t careful, they can die quickly, or prolong the fight and cause the Enrage timer to activate. PuGs have trouble with this fight.

Short version: Kill the boss of the opposing essence, grab orbs of the same essence, switch to DPS/avoid damage based on their special attack.

Long version: This boss fight is reminiscent of the underappreciated Gamecube gem Ikaruga, which I’d suggest playing if you’re looking for a break from WoW. Back to the point, though; you’ll be fighting two Val’kyr, Fjola Lightbane, and Edyis Darkbane. At the start of the fight, four different “essences” spawn, two light and two dark; they look like portals. Make sure you click the essence portals, or you won’t have an essence. Standing by them doesn’t matter, you need to click to grab the essence. The trick to this fight is in the use of these essences: you’ll do extra damage to a boss of the opposite type, and be shielded from taking damage from the same essence. However, you’ll still be able to take damage from the opposite element, so beware. As far as positioning goes, you’ll be tanking them by the essences closest to where they spawn, with Lightbane going beside the light essence, and Darkbane going beside the dark essence. I’d suggest giving one boss a skull, and the other an X so that you can call out switches easily.

Start DPS-ing, keeping the bosses relatively close to their respective essences. It’s also good to have ranged and melee by the essences as well; more on why in a bit. Shortly into the fight, light and dark orbs will spawn around the Coliseum, and players will need to grab the orbs of the same essence by running into them, while avoiding the orbs of the opposite type. Getting similar type orbs will give you a few stacks of a debuff that, once it reaches 100, will give you 100% damage done against enemies of the opposite essence. Shorter-term, it also increases your movement speed, allowing you to collect more orbs faster. Ideally, your raid should try to get orbs until everyone is around 90 stacks of the debuff, before having several raiders hit 100 at once. At this point, use Bloodlust and pop all available cooldowns, and prepare to watch your DPS skyrocket. If several players can get this effect and Bloodlust at the same time, well, the Val’kyr will start to go down very quickly. There are two other things to keep in mind regarding the orbs: the Val’kyr can get them as well, and they’ll get a buff to their damage as well. If this happens, your tanks will probably need to pop a cooldown or two. The other thing to note is that touching an orb of the opposite essence will deal several thousand damage; not only is this a pain for healers, but you’ll be taking away an orb that someone else could’ve used.

The important things about this fight are the abilities the Twins will use. There are two: Light/Dark Vortex, an AOE spell, and Twin’s Pact, an interruptable heal for 20% of their health. For the Vortexes, you want to switch to the same essence as the Val’kyr that’s casting it; if Darkbane is casting, go to a dark essence, and if Lightbane is casting, switch to light. This is a simple one to deal with, and being the correct essence will also give you more stacks of the debuff. The tougher one is Twin’s Pact. One Twin will put a shield around herself, and start casting the spell. To interrupt it, you need to do enough damage to break the shield and the interrupt the cast. Everyone needs to focus fire on whichever Twin is casting, even if they’re the wrong essence; I don’t reccomend switching essences to DPS, since the time you waste getting an essence isn’t made up for by the extra damage you’ll do. The Twins will switch on using this ability; for instance, if Lightbane casts it first, then Darkbane will cast it next, then Lightbane, etc etc. If you find that your raid is having trouble dealing with this spell, then consider saving cooldowns for the first Pact, using Bloodlust on the second one, and using cooldowns again on a third cast. If you can get these mechanics down, it’s actually a really easy fight, and a nice break before Anub’arak.




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