October To-Do List

26 10 2009

Just in time for the month to end! I’ve had this kicking around since, you guessed it, the start of October. First, how September’s list turned out:

  1. Get a Resto spec together, with talents, glyphs, and gear – Missing some pieces, but I’ve got my T8 4-piece
  2. Replace Naxx10 ring with something not-suck – Done, lowest ring ilevel is 226
  3. Down ToC10, and at least one boss in ToGC 10- Halfway done… ToC 10 went down, but we didn’t get ToGC
  4. Finish off all heroic achieves outside of Occulus -Nope. But not for lack of trying
  5. Attain at least two pieces of the Furious PvP set – Got one piece… I lack the arena points for the second

So, not bad actually. My attempts at going Resto went pretty well, and I got a nice new ring for my Ele spec. We cleared ToC, although we didn’t start serious ToGC attempts until, well, yesterday. I mentioned in the original post that I wanted to get some strategies up; I got up to the Faction Champions, and I’m working on the Twins and hard mode strats now as well. As for a regular posting schedule, well… that didn’t go so hot. Here’s what I wanted to do for October:

  1. Get the Red Drake
  2. Down ToC 25, get the shield
  3. Get 4 pieces of T9
  4. Start replacing bracers, belt, cape

I’ve already gotten two of the four done, and I’m working hard at upgrading from my Naxx 25 gear. Hopefully the next two weeks will bring some results!




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