2s, Bracers, & VoA

28 10 2009

A lot of stuff happened on Monday and Tuesday. To start with, I managed to get ten 2s matches done before the Tuesday restart, to mixed results. We were definitely rusty, and some internet problems didn’t help us either; by the end of the night we were doing better, but I’d say we’ve got room for improvement. The ten matches on Monday gave me just enough arena points to get my Furious shoulders on Tuesday, and even though they clash a bit (light blue shoulders don’t go well with a red helm) I like ’em a lot. I logged on Tuesday and ran H VH to help gear up an alt and a guildie that had rerolled and just hit 80. He’s a elemental Shaman too, so it’s cool to be able to give him advice on gear and how to play the class. After the run, we came out to see that we’d successfully won Wintergrasp, so I threw a raid together for VoA 25. We had no problems killing Kologarn, but this week marks another where no Shaman gear dropped. Unsurprisingly, I got a tell from one of our two mages; a piece had dropped and he wanted it since the other mage in the raid had died in a fireball. I told him that no, that isn’t how a PuG works, and it was against the loot rules I’d stated at the start. Of course, he ended up getting outrolled, and promptly left the raid. At this point, somebody decided to pull the Emalon trash while the raid wasn’t there, and we wiped. Whatever… we pick it up, go to Emalon, and the off-tank doesn’t pick an add up. It exploded, and we wiped again. Still annoying, and now a couple people leave as well. We still have the DPS, so we try again, until that same off-tank, who I’d switched to Emalon, DCs. We wiped a third time and more people left, until we were down to eighteen people. Ouch. I figured we still had the DPS for it, so we gave it a final, fourth try with a different tank, and voila, a problem-free kill. Archavon was a joke, and after forming a 10-man out of the remnants of the 25, we went to do VoA 10. This was uneventful too, since we one-shotted every boss, even after a healer “had to leave to go do Onyxia with his guild” once we downed Kologarn. It seems that recently, people haven’t had any patience for failures, or common courtesy in PuGs. It’s sad when people leave just because we wipe once or twice; especially since ToC, it seems like more and more people expect quick, painless runs, when it doesn’t always happen. There seems to be zero tolerance for any sort of failure, which is annoying when you’re trying to lead a raid, and people quit leaving. I’m whining, though… I finally replaced my Naxx 25 bracers on Tuesday as well. I ended up biting the bullet and getting my Bejeweled Wizard’s Bracers crafted; it wasn’t too expensive, since I used badges to buy the gems, emblems to purchase two orbs, and I got spellweave from a friend. I ended up purchasing an orb for 520g, and getting the fourth from our gbank, and I’m happy with my decision to get the bracers… these things are awesome! They’re a huge upgrade from my Bands of Mutual Respect, with more than double the haste and an extra 24 spellpower. My haste rating is now just over 700, putting more zip into my rotation than I would’ve thought possible a few weeks ago. My average gear level is also up to around 232, and the last piece of Naxx25 gear I need to replace is my cape. Hopefully tonight’s raid will help that happen!




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