How To: Anub’arak

29 10 2009

The floor’s just collapsed from beneath you feet and no, that isn’t deja vu, it’s really Anub’arak, the same boss you killed before in Azjol-Nerub. This fight isn’t terribly difficult, although it requires good DPS and smart healing to get through it. Stay alert, communicate, and this fight will be a breeze.

Short version: Shoot down frost, tank adds on frost, DPS adds and boss, watch out for spikes and smaller adds, burn.

Long version: This is another three-phase fight. Once you aggro Anub, frost orbs will appear in the sky around him. Ranged DPS will need to shoot a few down, causing large patches of frost to appear on the ground. A few seconds into the fight, an add will spawn; this needs to be picked up by the off-tank, and tanked over the frost patches. If they aren’t taken to a patch in time, they can burrow, coming up later and causing headaches for the raid. Ranged DPS should switch to the add, while melee DPS can stay on the boss. Once ranged DPS have killed the add, they can go back to attacking Anub’arak. You should be using cooldowns as much as possible at this point; Bloodlust should be saved until phase three. A second add should spawn, and Anub’arak will burrow shortly afterwards. As ranged (and melee, now) continue to attack the add, spikes will appear out of the ground and begin heading toward a single player. That player needs to get in between a patch of ice and the spikes, otherwise they’ll die. Make sure that you’re not in between that unlucky person and the spikes as well, since they do damage to anyone they touch; you will die within moments if they connect. Ranged DPS neeed to make sure there are plenty of ice patches spread around during this phase.

In phase two, the spikes will actually be the smaller of two concerns. The biggest problem you’ll face here are the multiple scarabs that will appear out of the ground. If they look familiar, that’s because they were the ones crawling around at the start. They’ll chase after a single player, trying to attack them; while the damage they do is negligible, it’s the debuff they give whenever they hit that you need to watch out for. The debuff applies a DoT that ticks for 1000 every three seconds, and it stacks. It’s imperative that you don’t get too many stacks of this, otherwise your healers won’t be able to keep you up. The adds are stunnable, and slowable, so use as many effects on them as possible to keep them from attacking you. Remember, as well, that if a scarab isn’t targetting you, you can hit it with little worry of keeping aggro; it’s tough to gain any kind of threat on these guys before they die. After a short time, Anub’arak will resurface, and the remaining scarbs should be killed before switching back to him. This is basically a return to phase one; an add will appear that needs to be tanked on a frost patch, and if you don’t get him to 30% health, he’ll burrow, and phase two will repeat. Once he’s down to 30%, phase three begins.

The third and final phase is essentially an all-out DPS burn. If you have an add up, you should finish it off before concentrating on Anub himself. He won’t spawn any more adds or burrow, so now it’s just you against him. He’ll begin casting Leeching Swarm on everyone in the raid, which will sap each person’s health by 10%, and add it to his health pool. The trick to this phase is to keep everyone at around 5-6k health (except for your tank, who should be kept at full). This is because penetrating cold is still active, and if someone’s health drops too low, they can be one-shotted by it. Keeping people at full health is also a poor idea, because he’ll recover much more health that way and prolong the phase. You should’ve saved Bloodlust for this phase; pop it and any cooldowns once you’ve killed any remaining adds and burn him down. Once you take him out, congratulations! You just cleared ToC.




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