Sayis of the Nightfall

2 11 2009

It’s been a busy few days in Azeroth, and I’ve got a bunch of stuff to show for it. Wednesday night’s ToC 25 raid went well as usual, and we one-shotted the Beasts, Jaraxxus, and incredibly enough, the Twins. We managed to two-shot the Faction Champions, and decided to put some attempts in on Anub’arak, where our success for the night came to a screeching halt. Ranged DPS kept jumping the gun, so our off tank couldn’t grab aggro on the adds, and we went to phase two, it was always iffy on whether or not we would make it through unscathed. We hit the enrage timer before getting to phase three each time, and it became clear after about an hour that we just didn’t have the DPS for the fight. My shield and cape didn’t drop again, but that just means the odds are better the next time. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself, since we’ve downed the Faction Champions six times now, and I’ve yet to see it once.

Thursday was PvP-tastic. Instead of 2s, I actually ended up putting in a few hours of 3s matches with a couple guildies. Our Ele Shaman/Arms Warrior/Disc Priest team was actually really fun to play, and we were basically relying on some good burst damage to end a fight quickly. Compared to our 2s matches, which can stretch on for a long time, these were quick, easy wins (or quick, decisive losses). I also did a few BGs, and I can say that Strand of the Ancients is probably my new favorite. The emblems, unfortunately, aren’t getting me any closer to a PvP mount, but it’s a fun way to farm some honor.

On Friday, I got my Nightfall title with a spur of the moment PuG run. I logged on and saw that someone was looking for two more DPS for a Sarth 3D zerg; I sent him a tell, and got an invite a few seconds later. The group formed up quickly, and we went down to OS, and started clearing out the trash. What followed was about thirty to forty minutes of wiping… we got unlucky with the firewalls, and people died in them very, very quickly. The way we were positioning Sarth meant that it was actually easier to jump into the lava to avoid the firewall than to run around, and once the other DPS got that concept, the fight was cake. Everyone pulled over 4.5k DPS, and we all walked off with our titles. I did not, unfortunately, win the drake, but I can’t say I minded at all (I’ll be riding Ruby for a long, long time). I also put in some 2s matches later in the evening, and some BGs as well.

I’d had some RL plans for Halloween, but they fell through, so I ended up just hangin’ out and playing WoW. Saturday brought even more raiding, as I PuG’d out an Onyxia 25 man to help gear out some guildies. I’ll remember this one for a long time, simply because I ended up looking like a scrub raid leader. We pulled trash, and I decided to leave it on Need/Greed, so that everybody could just greed the greens that dropped, and we could move faster. With the trash cleared, we moved in for a close one-shot of Onyxia. Moments later, disaster; a bunch of Need/Greed windows appeared on my screen, and I realized that, yep, I hadn’t changed it to Master Looter. Needless to say, chaos ensued, and nobody was happy with the results. Lesson learned, I don’t think I’ll be making that mistake again. Afterwards, I PuG’d out an OS 25 as well for the same guildies, and we went through that without trouble. We finished up the night with a heroic, and then some 2s.

Sunday was our weekly ToC 10 man, and it was a much sharper run this time. We two-shotted the Beasts once everybody got their act together, and then got Jaraxxus down in three attempts. Then, the Faction Champions. Oh, the Faction Champions. This fight was horrendous; we pulled, lusted, and had someone die within about ten seconds of the start. Three of the Champions were going around the raid as a group, one-shotting anyone they came across. We put in a second attempt, and got the same results, and decided to call it and do normal, which went fine. I did some more 2s for the night before hitting the hay… maybe next week we’ll have a new strategy for that fight, but it’s going to be a tough one.




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