I Need Raids… Lots of Raids.

6 11 2009

I’ve been doing a lot of instance running and raid leading in the last few days. One of my good friends recently came back to the game, and I’ve been putting some extra hours in to help get him geared up before 3.3 hits. In total, I think I’ve led four in the past few days, to say nothing of the spike in the last week. There’s been success in raiding but instances, well, those are more of a mixed bag.

Monday was the day that made me remember why I don’t run 5-mans very often. After picking up the daily for H HoL, we headed inside with myself, my friend, and three PuGs for the tank, heals, and third DPS spot. Our first pull was fine, and everything was going well until the second room, when we forced to run through the room of adds. When we got past them, and began killing them, our healer couldn’t keep the tank up… ouch. This wouldn’t have been a problem if someone hadn’t pulled the adds nearby, and we ended up wiping pretty hard. I called out in party chat (in caps, no less) that I was going to self-rez. One of our DPS (I think he was a DK, surprise surprise) didn’t get the memo, and released and ran back in. This forced us to run the gauntlet, again, although this time our healer kept the tank up. We went in further, came to the next boss, and I pulled off of the tank. I popped Lust, admittedly, but I was watching my threat, which jumped up from the mid-80s to 100% very, very quickly. My fault, but it didn’t help when he took his time taunting off of me. It’s time like those that I’m glad I wear mail. We moved on further with no trouble until the room before Loken. The trash in that room has always been a headache for me, and this time was no different. We wiped up twice when others pulled nearby adds, and our healer let the tank die on another random mob. We got through Loken in one shot, mercifully, after I threw some extra chain heals down, with my health hovering at around 1-2k. With that, the run was over at last. To sum up my feelings for HoL (and HoS): blegh. I did some BGs, but Monday was otherwise nothing else happened.

Tuesday was raid-lead-tastic. I lead VoA 25/10 and Onyxia 10 in the continuing attempt to help gear up the newbies, and things went really well. We one-shot Kologarn, and my mage guildie got lucky and picked up his 9.3 leggings. We moved on and took out every other boss with ease for the remainder of the 25 and the 10 afterwards. People still died in fires and perished to chain lightning, but checking for achievements when recruiting has helped a lot in recent weeks. The Onyxia run, similarly, went well. We ended up having seven guildies and three PuGs, so we didn’t even use vent. The drake went down in another one-shot. This was definitely one of my better raid leading days, even if it didn’t require much actual leading.

On Wednesday, I PuG’d out the weekly ToC 25, and I saw some good signs that people are recognizing me (and my guild). Ten minutes prior to the raid, I got a tell from a warlock; she wanted to know if I would be running ToC that night. I told her I’d send her an invite, which I did, and she got into vent before I even gave out the info. I PuG’d out several more spots, with a few people from weeks prior sending tells and getting invites. I put the entire raid together in around fifteen minutes, gearchecks included, and then we were off to the races. I can safely say that this, hands down, was our best run yet. We one-shot every boss up to Anub’arak (who we still couldn’t kill), taking down the Champions and Twins with ease. No one got hit by Icehowl on the Beasts, and only one person died in a fire on Jaraxxus. My mage friend got lucky again, and picked up an off-hand, trophy, and an orb. Wow. My shield didn’t drop this week, again, but my cape did. I rolled a 2. I like to think I’m banking up karma, so that when the shield or an item I really want finally drops, I’ll roll a 100 and get out of there. There were a few other cool things about this run; a healer from prior weeks sent me a tell to apologize for not showing up, and to assure me he’d be on for next week. And some loot rolls shook things up a bit, too. Two people rolled 68s for a piece; no big deal, I had them roll again. The first rolled a 99… and five seconds later, so did the other. Whaaaaaaat. A third roll settled it, with a 50 decisively beating a 10, but there was a lot of laughter and chatter in vent after the dual 99 rolls. On a final note, I ran the heroic daily after the raid finished, and finally got my rep with the Ebon Blade up to Exalted, snagging me that achievement, along with Northern Vanguard. Maybe it’s Kalu’ak time? Either way, the last three days have been very, very good.




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