Mmmmmm…. PvP.

9 11 2009

Three letters sum up the majority of my WoW time in the last few days: PvP. On Thursday, my partner and I put in some quality 2s matches and our rating increased up to 1450 before we called it an evening. On Friday, pretty much all I did was farm honor and Wintergrasp marks for both the Titan-Forged Ringmail Leggings of Salvation (that’s a mouthful), as well as my Relentless necklace after hitting 1450 again on my 2s team. I snagged the necklace on Friday after turning in almost 200 Stone Keeper’s Shards to get me the extra boost I needed. On Saturday, I spent most of my time on PvP, but I did try out some other stuff as well. I decided to join a Naxx cleanup for some fun, badges, and maybe that shield from KT. That turned out to be a pipe dream. It took us an hour and a half to get through 2/3 of the military quarter, with one of the worst leaders I’ve seen, two poor tanks, and idiotic DPS. Example: in the trash between one boss and the next, there were around 5-10 deaths. Wow. On Instructor Razuvious, we started the pull, ran in, and I got one shot. Nobody picked up Razuvious until two others died, and I ended up ankh-ing, popping Bloodlust (the other Shamans didn’t feel like it, I guess), and finishing the fight. On Gothik, we decided not to split the raid up, and stay on one side. This would bring all of the dead over at once, and the plan was to AOE them down. The only problem was, our tanks and healers weren’t ready, and we died soon after the middle doors opened. We split the raid up, and things went fine. We pulled the next trash with the -30% stats debuff still active, and narrowly averted a wipe with less than half the raid alive when the smoke cleared. After some more clumsy pulls, we put in a failed attempt on the Four Horsemen, and the raid had had enough. Both of our tanks left, healers followed, and I skedaddled out of there fast. Upon leaving and returning to Dalaran, I saw some trade chat spam about the awful-ness of the raid I’d just been in. People always laugh about failing at Naxx, but I think it’s a telling instances. If people don’t pay attention or are just plain bad, Naxx can be a nightmare.

After the Naxx fail, I joined a quick run for Magister’s Terrace, a level 70 instance I’d been wanting to see for awhile. We went through on normal first to get attuned before going through it again on heroic. I’ve gotta say, this place was really cool. I love the Blood Elf architectural stylings, and the music was nice as well. The bosses were cake, of course, but it was still a fun experience. Afterwards, the party leader asked if we wanted to farm Kael’thas for the Phoenix pet on normal mode; I declined, and left. Well, sort of. I decided instead to just farm it myself, since a 70 instance on normal isn’t terribly hard for an 80 in full t9. Or, that’s what I thought. I ended up dying a few times in the instance to Vexallus (an Elemental boss) and a few trash mobs. These things hit hard had some nasty traits. One of the trash casters, I soon found out, stacked a buff that increased his casting speed every time he cast a spell. This hit almost 20 and he was throwing out damage above that of a mob in Northrend. Others poisoned or seduced, and I was soon pulling much more cautiously. In the end, I got to Kael’thas and one-shot him with no problem, and the Phoenix pet dropped on my first time through. I left with a 20-slot bag and the pet, and a renewed appreciation for The Burning Crusade. I picked up the honor farming with some Warsong Gulches and Wintergrasps, and a Black War Wolf and the Leggings I’d been going for. Once I get the Dreadsteed, I’ll finally be able to turn those marks in for honor and not feel bad. I took a break, then came back later that night for some 2s, and we hit 1500 for the first time ever! My partner and I are really starting to get the hang of how to play our comp, although we still have some teams that are just infuriating to play. We called it a night once we hit 1500, and decided to farm even more honor to get our PvP rings. Saturday was a good day.

Sunday I did only two things for around two hours total: H OK, and ToC 10 regular. Pre-raid, I decided to do the daily heroic, and we ran through Old Kingdom in under thirty minutes. Problem was, I’d forgotten to pick up the quest; I still had one for Halls of Lightning. Blargh. I wasn’t too annoyed, since it’s only two emblems of Triumph, but it didn’t make me feel like any less of a noob. Afterwards, due to abysmal attendance, we ended up PuG’ing out spots in our ToC 10 weekly run, and went through with only a wipe on the Twins due to bad luck and poor internet connections (a healer DC’d). Overall, it was a fun, PvP-filled weekend, and I had a good time and got some new stuff. Always cool.




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