9 11 2009

I checked today, and saw something I didn’t think would drop for weeks: Blizzard’s offical preview of t10 for shamans. It is, in a word, awesome. Incredible. Fantastic. I could go on for awhile, but you get the point. This is it:

Shaman t10

Shaman t10. Spectacular.

Holy shit. Blizzard saved the best set for last, and what a set it is. This is, bar none, my favorite set of Wrath. Just seeing this made my day (is that sad? If it is, I don’t care). The relief I felt when I realized my set wouldn’t look bad was one thing. Knowing that it looks this cool…. wow, that’s awesome. Let’s break it down real quick. With this, there’s a return to a dress, so I can breath a sigh of relief. The shoulders lack any sort of magma or lava element, instead going with an icy-blue pulse that should, every so often, show a ghost that looks like a cross between a shoveltusk and a deer. In addition, wood elements and icicles with what looks like pieces of leather stitched in are present. Awesome. There are more glowing gems or runes and stuff around the set, with one placed right in the chest Ironman-style. Finally, the helm. Oh, the helm. An eagle-esque skull with glowing blue eyes and tusks, and a set of antlers going backwards, with what looks like more leather stitching and icicles. At last, glowy eyes again, and I’ll be able to see my face with my helm on! This looks cool. This set looks like it has leather on top of mail all over the place and the frost elements, from the snowy bottom of the robe, icicles, and glowing, all come together very, very nicely. I’ll be doing the daily heroic every day, and weekly raid extras to get out my t9 as fast as possible. It’s really been imprinted in my mind, now: Tier 10 is on the way, and it isn’t going to dissapoint.




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