Spontaneity in Stormwind

11 11 2009

Man, the last two day have been fun! I’ve been continuing the PvP honor grind (it’s going slowly, surprise surprise), and I ended up taking the PvP outside of BGs as well. It happened almost by accident; my 2s partner and I were hanging around when a guildie requested some help, since she was getting ganked. We were waiting for our BG to pop, and decided to fly out and give her a hand. We found the two mages that had been ganking her, and carnage ensued. They were both around level 70, and I swooped in, landing in between them on my proto drake. One immediately ice-blocked, and he got to watch his friend take a one-shot lava burst. Once the ice block broke, the other suffered a similar fate. We found a level 70 Paladin in the area, and got him too, then killed the two mages again when they respawned. Our BG popped, and we left. When we came back, I found the same Paladin, and took him out with similar speed. Another BG popped… but then my guildie said an 80 DK was ganking her. When the BG ended, we came out to see only the Paladin, and he died, yet again. Five minutes later, the DK swooped in and was defeated handily. I planted my TBluff Banner in his body, and proceeded into a victory dance. At this point, something unexpected happened: I got a tell.

The DK had an alt Horde-side, and he was furious that I hadn’t fought him 1v1. I replied that he’d been ganking our friend, and then he revealed something even more awesome: that the Paladin I’d been killing was his alt, and I’d been killing him. He then told me he had 4 friends coming to get us, and that I should cut it out, or suffer the consequences. I told him to bring it. At the same time, our guildie got on her main and another came to help us. Now, we had 4 geared players waiting for battle. A few minutes later, the Alliance appeared; a level 80 Paladin came alone, and was killed in under ten seconds. A feral druid popped and tried to kill one of us alone, and was dealt with as well. Thus followed an hour of us camping them after calling his bluff. After we let him fly away to Valiance Keep, we decided to follow, but we lost him. We took out some low level players in the Keep, then went to go try to kill their leader. We didn’t find a Garrosh Hellscream equivalent, and decided to go to Howling Fjord instead. To make it quick, we decided to go to Stormwind, and then transfer boats there. Thus, it began.

Upon reaching Stormwind we all realized we knew nothing about the city and that we had no idea where the boat was. We weren’t even sure if there was a boat. We took one to Auberdine, then came back, and decided instead to kill their Auctioneers. There were 4 of us, but we were PvP-specced; maybe we could get it done. The Allies started harassing us immediately, as a few came up beside us before flagging for PvP. They died quickly, but were replaced by another group of around five as we got away from the docks. We’d been fooling around by the statue of the lion overlooking the harbor and I got a single, hastily-taken screenshot as a memory for the night:

The TBluff Banner in Stormwind Harbor. Alright.

We continued on into the city, facing sporadic resistance as we advanced. Finally, we got to their Auction House, ran in, and killed everyone. Now, the Allies were unhappy. The ones we’d killed before came in after us, and we continued to hold the line. It became clear that we weren’t leaving; a huge mass had gathered outside the doors to the AH. Small groups made forays inside, and perished, but soon the attacks stopped. We knew what was coming… every Alliance entered at once, and we died, at last, but not before killing their Auctioneers one last time. We took the rez sickness and headed back to Dalaran, satisfied with the night.

Tuesday couldn’t match Monday, but it was still fun. I went to a couple Wintergrasps, which were laggy (unsurprising) because of the Tuesday rush. I also went to an Onyxia 10 man with my guild and won the head! I passed it, though, to a rogue in the guild that needed the upgrade. That was followed up with some 3s, where we got our rating up a few points, before I called it an evening. One more thing happened: we resolved to return to Stormwind. But next time, we’re bringing more people.




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