Hitting 1550, Missing Anub’arak

17 11 2009

Last Wednesday’s raid was fun, and just a little bit heartbreaking. I saw some more familiar faces; two druid healers and a warlock from prior weeks came again, and each said they’d continue to try to make the raid time every week. After filling the remaining spots, we got going with the roughest start I’ve seen yet. On the Beasts, people seemed to be incapable of moving out of Icehowl’s way; usually, at least one person will mess up, which isn’t a big deal. This time, he enraged four different times. The only thing saving us were timely cooldowns from our tanks, good heals, and a tranquilizing shot from our hunter each time. Going into the last crash, around half of the raid was dead… not good. On the final time, our tank finally died leaving Icehowl with around 400k health left. Another druid went into bear form, and bought some precious seconds before dying. After that, he began going from player to player, one-shotting each. I self-rezzed after dying and kept going, and we got him down with five people still alive. Wow. We one-shot Jaraxxus as well, and put the Champions down in two. And, holy shit, the Bastion of Resolve dropped, and I picked it up with a clutch 95. I’d been dreading the moment on the chance that I’d lose, and it was a huge relief to get it on my first try. It’s a nice upgrade to my older Pulsing Spellshield, and it looks cooler to boot! The Twins went down without any major problems, so we decided to put some attempts down on Anub’arak. This week was the closest yet, and the worst because we had him dead to rights. We got to Phase 3 on our first attempt, then hit the enrage timer, and then, two attempts later, had him at 5 million health with enough time to get it done.

Our off-tank disconnected.

The adds he’d picked up went loose immediately, and decimated our healers and DPS as our main tank tried to pick them up. He got them, but he died soon after, and we had a soul-crushing wipe. That was our closest attempt, and we called it after a few more failures. I know now that we can get it done, and every week has brought us closer. Maybe next time we’ll put him down.

The Horde-tastic Bastion of Resolve

Thursday was a day of PvP, and I chilled out with a couple friends and did BGs for some honor and badges, and finally got enough to get my Relentless Gladiator’s Band of Ascendancy. With myself and my partner sporting our new rings, we decided to get back into the fray and put some 2s matches in. And wow, what a night: we hit 1550 for the first time! We’ve finally started to take out druids, the longtime bane of our comp, and we’re getting ever-more coordinated with what we do, and now we’re starting down the long road to 1650. Hopefully we can keep the good times going.

I was out of town for a few days, so the next time I was on WoW was for Sunday’s raid. We cruised through normal mode and spontaneously went for the Not One, But Two Jormungar Worms achievement (which was cake) before giving hard modes a shot. One of our healers had to leave, which put us short a healer, so… I had to heal a guild raid for the first time ever. I threw on my not-to-shabby healing gear and went to work, but our DPS wasn’t there that night. A big chunk of our core raid group was missing, and our newer members weren’t doing well enough in comparison. And people died in fires; bad. We didn’t make it past the Beasts, but I held my own on the healing meters, even though I was going OOM due to my lack of mp5. It was good to get some validation that I don’t suck at healing, but I think I’ll be sticking with DPS for a long time to come.

Yesterday I managed to get my weekly Vault runs in before the reset, and while the 25-man I joined went fine, the 10-man was absolutely awful. We spent twenty minutes trying to get started with an OT that was lagging, an MT that hadn’t tanked it before, and DPS that kept leaving. We got it done on our third try, then put Emalon down in two. Archavon was easy, and that was all for Monday. It was another reminder of why I like to lead my own raids… the raid leader for the 25 was shady with loot and douchey to the raid, and the 10-man wasn’t communicating or leading. It was a good way to see what I could do to lead better, and I’ll be keeping those experiences in mind this Wednesday.




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