November To-Do List

18 11 2009

I’ve really gotta stop forgetting to write these down until halfway through the month. First, how I did for October:

  1. Get the Red Drake – Got it done.
  2. Down ToC 25, get the shield – Didn’t get either done in October
  3. Get 4 pieces of T9 – Yep!
  4. Start replacing bracers, belt, cape – Done, done, and sort of done… ToC wasn’t a big upgrade.

October was a great month, in hindsight. I got new tier, my awesome drake, the nice belt and crafted bracers, and switched out my cape to a better one. ToC 25 didn’t happen, nor did the shield, but at least I’ve gotten one of those done now. For November, here’s what I’ve been looking to do:

  1. Get a full Furious set for PvP
  2. Down ToC 25, get the shield
  3. At least 12k gold for the Mechano-hog

1.5 down to, 1.5 to go. With half a month to go, I’m well on my way already.




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