Would You Like Some BGs With Your Arenas?

22 11 2009

The last week has been grind-tastic, with both PvP and questing. I wasn’t on too long on Tuesday, but I got into VoA 25/10 runs and nothing dropped. Unsurprising. Later in the night, I did some 2s and 3s, ending the night 40 points lower in 2s, and 40 points higher in 3s. “Win some, lose some” would be the perfect phrase to describe that night.

Wednesday was ToC 25 day, but things didn’t go quite as smoothly this week. According to a guildie watching trade chat, a lot of other PuGs had already formed that night, and it showed. I had a few from weeks prior show up, but it took twice as long as usual to get the group together. Then, after two-shotting the Beasts and one-shotting Jaraxxus, a druid healer left without any notice. Great. We ended up having to 24-man both the Champions and the Twins, who mercifully went down in one try each. But, without a full raid, and with DPS for the evening subpar, Anub’arak was way out of our grasp. We wiped it up twice without ever seeing phase three, and called it for the night. It was a dissapointment to say the least, and I was bitter about the loss that night. Why people join raids when they don’t intend to stick them out is something I’ve never understood. Even then, if someone has to leave it doesn’t hurt to give a heads-up in vent or raid chat. With Thanksgiving break coming up, I don’t know if we’ll be hitting up ToC next week, meaning that downing Anub is that much more distant. Argh.

Thursday I actually got the achievement for 2000 quests completed. Yikes. I’ve been going through and doing everything in Icecrown, both to see how things unfold before the attack on Icecrown Citadel, and for the gold. The quests that put you in Arthas’ shoes were highpoints; what other quest chain starts by dropping you into a seemingly-bottomless abyss? For fun, I also decided to check out the Deadmines. I’d read online that the Alliance had a cool quest chain leading up to it, and that it was a good instance as well. I think that it would’ve been pretty cool to run through if I was the right level for it, and it was surprisingly large. All I could think of was how Horde got Ragefire Chasm instead… lame.

On Friday, I sat down and finally, finally got the last of the PvP mounts. While my guildies were turning in marks for honor, I’d been dutifully saving them, since honor is onetime, but man, mounts are forever. At least, that’s what I had to keep telling myself. After the BG grind (and believe me, those last marks were a grind), I settled down with a warrior friend for some 2s skirmish. We didn’t get too far, but it was still a pretty good time, and a big departure from my usual 2s comp. The matches were quick, too, something that usually can’t always be said when I end up doing 2s.

Yesterday, the questing and arena-ing continued. To my surprise, we hit 1550 in 3s with a sprint in rating from 1440 to a peak at around 1570. We fell down back to around 1480 just as quickly, but it was cool to see happen. Afterwards, I put in some 2s matches to get up past 1550 yet again, all the while questing in between matches. Through the day, I also found some time to fish up some mats for feasts, and run a guildie through Scarlet Monastery. It’s been a busy few days in WoW, and I don’t see that pace dropping anytime soon.




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