A Pretty WoW-less Week.

1 12 2009

In that last post I said I didn’t see myself slowing down on the WoW, mostly because of the upcoming Thanksgiving Break. Well, I got a few hours in, but internet problems and needing to d/l WoW after installing Windows 7 (which is surprisingly good) kept me out of Azeroth for the better part of the week. Enough of that, though, and on to what I ended up getting done.

Last Sunday was actually WoW’s 5th Anniversary, and I picked up the Feat of Strength and the Onyxia Whelpling just for logging on. I also unintentionally snagged the Stormtrooper achievement from Eye of the Storm during what turned into a relatively quick, convincing win for the Horde. Some 2’s afterwards got us down to 1530 in rating. Later that night, we went back for some more attempts at ToGC 10. As usual, it took a few attempts, but we downed the Beasts and Jaraxxus, before stopping at the Faction Champions. After the tough fighting in ToGC, normal ToC was a breeze, and we were done with the instance in around thirty minutes.

Monday, I logged on to do some questing and the daily heroic. Tuesday, likewise, was a day of questing and little else of note. Wednesday through Saturday saw a net time of around fifteen minutes spent in Azeroth, since I didn’t have WoW until around Friday, and even then my internet was spotty at best.

Sunday, I was back at school, which meant I was able to get back online. We ended up having to PuG out a healer for ToGC 10, which was a disaster. Although he was geared, and he’d done the fight before, it seemed like it was his first time ever seeing the fight. He was a Shaman with a similar gear level as the rest of us, yet he was doing about a third of the healing of our priest and paladin. Needless to say, we wiped a bunch of times before kicking him. At that point, I decided to step up and give healing a try. Our DPS was markedly better this time, and I was able to stay competitive with our dedicated healers. I was watching my mana the whole time, but I never came really close to running out, mostly because I was timing my heals much better. I was throwing out chain heals like crazy in phase one of the Beasts, but once that was done with I was able to relax a bit. We got them down eventually, but were unable to take down Jaraxxus (we had one ranged DPS… killing infernals with melee is generally a bad choice). Still, I was glad to see that I was able to keep up, and it was a good change of pace. Afterward, we two-healed through ToC 10 in twenty-eight minutes, and I snagged the Binding Stone after our other healers passed. 57 mp5 is gonna be very, very nice. Sunday also brought one other thing: my final piece of Furious gear. With it, I’ve evolved from Turtle Sayis into Cool Blue (or Cool Ranch) Sayis. I don’t really like the helm, so I’m going helm-less in both my PvE and PvP specs.  Looking back, I remember my disgust at the Furious set. Looking at it now, it’s actually pretty cool. The shoulders are a step up, the helm’s a step down, but it’s a better look overall. We made some great strides in the arena Sunday, coming out and 8-7, but with a rating increase to 1560 after beating a few 1700 ranked teams. It also didn’t hurt that after healing, I realized I’d been PvP’ing for weeks with healing glyphs on. Oops.

My cool-blue Furious set. With helm...

...and without. Much better.

On Monday, the only thing I did was log on to pick up the profits from my Crusader Orb sales (640g!), continue doing the Argent dailies, and run the heroic daily with some guildies. With all of the g I’ve been racking up recently, that Mechano-hog is looking closer than ever.




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