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6 12 2009

It’s been a good week. On Tuesday, after doing some daily questing, VoA 25/10 (nothing dropped) and picking up the profits from some gem sales, I realized just how close I was to having the gold for the Mechano-hog. After picking up the Titansteel bars (150g a piece, ouch), I still had close to 13k g left. I decided it was time; the ‘hog was getting crafted. The problem was who I was going to get to make it: a lot of people would be happy to take 13k g and keep it for themselves. While looking in trade chat, I got a tell from a guy I’d seen in my Vault group. He’d seemed alright and I knew more about him than anyone else, so I decided to make a leap of faith. I bought him the pattern, had him craft the Cobalt Bolts, then we flew over to the Storm Peaks. Upon arriving at K3, I traded him over everything, and thirty seconds later, the ‘hog was crafted. When I saw the trade window open I was all sorts of relieved and I tipped him another 300g for his services, and for not taking my money and running. I thanked him, and decided to wait until some guildies were on the next day to celebrate and, let’s be honest, show off/gloat a little. I paid some repair bills upon arriving in Dalaran, and had a grand total of 21 gold, 30 silver left. Yikes. I logged off that night with the ‘hog’s key sitting in my inventory, unused.

The next day, I logged on to do the Argent dailies before our weekly ToC raid. I was still eyeing that key, but I held out until raid time. At around 9 pm, bam. One right-click later, and I was astride my chopper, and life was good. It’s been a long grind to get it, and I’ve been working at accumulating the wealth for a couple months now. To quite literally be riding 15k g, well, a lot of people would wonder whether that’s worth it. For me, it definitely is. This is one cool mount set of wheels.

Idling on my new Mechano-hog!

Rumbling along the plains of Mulgore.

The right profile...

...and the left. Awesome-ness.

I also had a very good feeling about Wednesday’s raid. A few past raiders showed up, and the raid composition ended up being near-perfect for the night. We had two-three of every class, except for pallies, where we had four spread across their three specs. My guild leaders and I were feeling confident enough in the raid that we decided to five-heal instead of six, banking on the extra DPS to get us through Anub. Things got off to a good start, and we one-shotted every boss on our trek to Anub’arak. Then, as we formed up for the fight… a DPS pulled. The raid got smashed, and in the chaos that followed orbs didn’t go down, and adds weren’t picked up, and we wiped in phase one. We brushed it off, reformed, and after making sure the ranged DPS would wait specifically for my command to attack, we tried again. Things went smoothly in phase one, but we hit a rough spot in phase two when a warlock being chased by the spikes stopped running, and died promptly. They took out another DPS before hitting an ice patch. A few minutes later, our off tank died, and the only thing that saved us was a timely pickup by a warrior and a brez. We hit Phase 3, and chose to have our offtank hold the adds as we burned down Anub’arak. Going in, it was already close… the enrage timer was ticking down and we had a lot of health to go. We popped Bloodlust, and hit him hard, and got him with 15 seconds on the timer. Wow. It took close to three months, but we finally got it done. The feeling when we downed him was comparable to Mimiron for the first time; although this fight was probably easier, it’s taken us much longer due to the nature of PuGs. Wednesday was easily the most memorable day of the week.

Thursday and Friday couldn’t compare to Wednesday’s one-too punch, and basically consisted of me doing dailies to get some gold back. After a Crusader orb sale, heavy daily questing and more, I was back at around 1k g, plenty to re-gem and re-enchant the new gear I’ll be getting once 3.3 comes out. Saturday was light on WoW until the evening, when I sat down to do some 2s. It ended up being a fun and incredibly frustrating night. We got off to a strong start, beating two teams above 1700 (one was 1800 ranked), and our rating for the night peaked at 1603. It quickly went downhill, though, and we began fighting a few teams that out-geared us noticeably, or were troublesome comps. We fought at least five different Rogue-Priest teams, and just as many Druid-Warriors. We bottomed out at 1495 and were preparing to quit when we finally won a match after a string of losses. We ended up climbing back up to 1565, ending the night 5 rating higher than where we started. Hurray?

On Sunday I logged on for our weekly ToC and, this week, Ulduar 10. I ended up sacrificing my spot in ToC 10 to help gear out a few newer members, and spent the time doing the Argent dailies instead. Once that was over with, I stepped in for Ulduar. Man, I still love that place, despite how easy its become with our improved gear. We flew through the place, doing FL on easy mode, XT on hard for the achievement, and skipping Razorscale and Ignis. We skipped the Iron Council, one-shotted Kologarn and Auriaya, and got Thorim’s hard-mode without any problems. Freya was simple, although we did wipe on Mimiron when our melee forgot to move out of his shockwave in phase one. Vezax was another one-shot (I hit 8k DPS!), and then we move onto Yogg. We managed to get out of phase one only once, since people couldn’t avoid the large, bright, slow-moving clouds. Argh. We called it and saved it there for the week, and decided to come back later to get it done. Our progress was much faster than before though, and I can’t stress how easy this place has become. I like to think that maybe Starcaller isn’t so far away after all.




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7 12 2009

Congrats on getting the big bug down! And I agree, Ulduar is a beautiful and enjoyable instance even so long after its release. I went there tonight with an “alts ‘n friends” raid and we all had a great time. Much better than the boresville that is ToC anyway ¬_¬

19 01 2010
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