December To-Do List

8 12 2009

A To-Do list near the start of a month? Crazy, but for the first time ever this isn’t arriving halfway through the month. Only a third of the way. First, November:

  1. Get a full Furious set for PvP – Cool Blue Sayis is a Go.
  2. Down ToC 25, get the shield – Anub’arak refuses to die, but I finally got the shield.
  3. At least 12k gold for the Mechano-hog – I’ve got that, and then some.

I only had a few goals for November, and I’m pretty happy with how the month turned out. I accumulated enough arena points for my Furious pieces, and while Anub’arak evaded death, I got the shield. I’ve gotten a lot of gold courtesy of Crusader Orb sales, and the fact that their prices held steady in the mid-upper 300s. The Emblems I got from the heroic daily, ToC 10/25 and ToGC 10 have been a boon as far as gold-making goes. Now, goals for December.

  1. Get the Mechano-hog
  2. Kill Anub’arak in ToC 25
  3. Hit 1650 in 2s
  4. Defeat 3/4 bosses in ICC.

Incredibly, I’m 2/4 already. Just in time, too, since 3.3 is dropping and I don’t know how often I’ll be running ToC 25 after this. Hopefully, the patch will also give the boost I need to hit 1650 rating! The 3/4 bosses one might also be a bit optimistic, since there might not be a ton of raiding once Christmas break rolls around, and everyone goes on their own seperate vacations. Here’s hoping!




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