Summing Up The Last Month

15 01 2010

Last blog post: December 8th. Yeesh. And it isn’t like I didn’t have time, or stopped playing WoW; no, instead, exams for school came up, so I put off blogging.  Afterwards I went on vacation and put off blogging. Now, back at school, I can’t put it off any longer. The problem is, a lot has happened in the last month. Between 3.3’s changes, Icecrown Citadel, the random dungeon finder, new gear, PvP, questing, and the other random going-ons, well, one post wouldn’t cut it, and five or more posts would be a lot of  words. So instead, I’m gonna break it down into this: what I’ve gotten done over the last month, my impressions of the new instances and 3.3 as a whole, and the Icecrown Citadel raid. So, here goes.

3.3 started off like any other patch: lag. Lots of it, although not nearly as bad as 3.2 as long as I stayed away from major cities. The first night of the patch meant instance server problems as everyone tried to get into the new heroics at once, although we managed to get through Forge and Pit before dying in Halls of Reflection, losing connection, and then getting locked out for the night. In the coming days, I did waaaay too many dungeons, enough that I snagged four pieces of t9 for healing and the Patient title by Friday. Yep, it took me three days. Yikes. Our guild progressed pretty well through ICC as well, getting the first quarter on farm well before the new wing was released.

Going into the New Year, I snagged some more new gear. I got Suffering’s End from a ToC 25 PuG, and my t10 shoulders. Disappointingly, they look way less BA than the 25-man version. So, looks like I’ll be PuG’ing out ICC 25 soon. Loot-wise, I also picked up Muradin’s Spyglass, bumping out my trusty Eye of the Broodmother. Soon after the new year, I picked up my second piece of t10; I know the perk of having Elemental Mastery cooldown faster isn’t great, but it’s still fun to use. If I can use it before Bloodlust, as well, I can have Mastery back up very quickly. As for the new quarter, we downed Festergut, only to get stopped in our tracks by Rotface. This is going to be a very tricky fight.

Before and after: Partial t10 and Suffering's End at my side.

PvP-wise, it’s been a phenomenal last month. I hit 1650 in December, and only a few days ago, incredibly, reached 1750. Similar to the prior season, I’ve gotten into high-level gear just in time for the season to end. Our team is still unconventional, but it’s a blast to play, especially when we line up our CC’s properly. I also had what I’d call my Best Match Ever. Facing down a Rogue/Resto Druid at the Dalaran Sewers at around 1730 rating, they took out my partner around two minutes into the match. At that point, I threw a new flame shock/insta cast lava burst onto the rogue, who was at full health, then got stunned… I thunderstormed them off the platform in different directions once I broke out. With that, he was at half health, and his druid hadn’t bothered to heal him. I hit him with a lightning bolt to get him down to around 6k health, then a lava burst… dead. Suddenly, it was me against a tree, and I was at 1k health. I threw down a grounding and stoneclaw totem, 2 lesser healing waves, and line-of-sighted the druid behind the nearby boxes. We ran around in circles until I let him approach, only to thunderstorm him away and heal to full health. With both of us in a standoff, he tried to rez his rogue, and I interrupted him each time with a flame shock. I started trying to rez my partner, and he interrupted me… this went on for several, tedious-yet-intense minutes. Finally, he ran over to try to damage me, and I avoided dying again. Only, this time, as he was running back, I started rezzing my priest, LoS’d behind the boxes where he’d died. The druid got halfway across the arena before he realized what was happening, but it was too late. I’d even thrown a grounding totem to avoid getting insta-casted, and my priest was up within moments. We went on to win, and a victory in the match afterwards got us to 1750. Good times.

So that’s my month, summed up. Random dungeons, raids, and fooling around with my guildies. Achievement-wise, I snagged Master of Arms, a few classic Dungeon achieves, and for PvP: Just the Two of Us: 1750 and Mine from Isle of Conquest.I’m looking forward to the coming weeks, with the new arena season and new fights. Onwards!

And yes, I realize that the PvP-battle was almost half of this post. But man was it a good fight!




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